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Terrorism Expert Says He Fears QAnon Crazies Are Preparing To Try And Touch Off A Civil War

Think forward to a month from now. It’s August 5 and Donald Trump still hasn’t been “reinstated” as president the way the MyPillow moron, Mike Lindell, has been promising. Instead, the failed, one-term loser former president has been indicted (or soon will be), and Joe Biden remains president of the United States.

What happens next? Does Lindell move the goalposts again? Or do the pro-Trump crazies who also subscribe to the bizarre QAnon view of the world decide to take matters into their own hands and try to start a conflagration in major cities across the country?

That’s the concern of terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance, who said Monday evening during an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Reid Report” that he believes the QAnon goons may well be the biggest threat the U.S. faces when it comes to domestic terrorism, remarking:

“Anyone that can see with their eyes understands what is going on here. We are in a neofascist era in personal politics. Back in 1939, 1940 there was a formal fascist movement, which openly supported Adolf Hitler and called for American independence and isolation away from Europe’s war, which Hitler had just invaded, called the America First movement.”

The “America First” movement that took place in the United States as Hitler rose to power was led by a name you’ll probably recall from your history classes: Charles Lindbergh.

Nance continued:

“They had a rally in Madison Square Garden where George Washington was juxtaposed with Adolf Hitler. These people were fascists. What we’ve seen is after World War II when they were essentially run to the ground, there was a rise in the 1950s and ’60s of these very small fascist groups that turned into terrorist groups like the Christian Identity movement.”

Nance also warned that the post-August period could wind up being one filled with the sort of horror we cannot possibly imagine:

“It’s the post-August period that I would really be watching as a terrorism professional because Donie O’Sullivan did some interviews with these people and they said if Trump is not reinstalled, then they’re going to have to start talking civil war. I’ve been monitoring their communications since last December. These people are already, many of them, committed to the concept of overthrowing American democracy and inciting civil war.”

We have got to be on the alert for what some of these domestic terrorists have planned if Trump isn’t installed in the White House the way they’re expecting. They are a clear and present danger to the United States.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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