Failed War on Drugs WTF?!

Clueless Sessions Tells Pain Patients To Take Aspirin Instead Of Opioids

It’s hard to decide which member of the Trump administration is the most insensitive and ignorant. While Trump himself usually makes the most objectionable statements on nearly every issue, others in his orbit also manage to open their mouths and plant their feet inside.

Take, for example, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who made an appearance at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Tampa this week and said doctors were prescribing too many pain pills for Americans with chronic pain. Instead, Sessions suggested:

“This company prescribes too many opioids. People need to take some aspirin sometimes and tough it out… you can get through these things.”

Yeah, just tough it out! Broke your hip? Tape an aspirin to it and get back out there! Recovering from surgery? Here’s a Tylenol; stop your whining!

Sessions also commented:

“Sometimes you just need to take two Bufferin or something and go to bed!”

Bob Twillman, the executive director of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, saidthe comments from the AG prove that the administration doesn’t understand the basics of pain:

“That remark reflects a failure to recognize the severity of pain of some patients. It’s an unconscionable remark. It further illustrates how out of touch parts of the administration are with opioids and pain management.”

And that’s not the only way this administration is utterly failing when it comes to the opioid crisis in the United States. As Politico recently reported:

“Trump has not formally proposed any new resources or spending, typically the starting point for any emergency response. He promised to roll out a ‘really tough, really big, really great’ advertising campaign to spread awareness about addiction, but that has yet to take shape. And key public health and drug posts in the administration remain vacant, so it’s not clear who has the authority to get new programs moving.”

Translation: Trump doesn’t give a damn about people struggling with drug addiction. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Got a problem with that? Take an aspirin.


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Bill Maher Says Trump Voters Are ‘Pillbillies’ And ‘F*cking Drug Addicts’ (VIDEO)

Last night on the season premiere of Real Time, Bill Maher had lots to say about the election and inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Specifically, he said that it’s clear what kind of people voted for Trump:

“So let’s stop calling Trump voters idiots and fools, and call them what they are, fucking drug addicts.”

As proof of his thesis, Maher noted the incredibly high numbers of people addicted to opioids in states that voted for Trump:

“Did you know that of the 14 states with the highest number of painkiller prescriptions per person, they all went for Trump?”

Maher then concluded:

“Kids, don’t do heroin, it’s a gateway to being a Republican.”

Over the course of the campaign, Trump often referred to the proliferation of opioid addiction and increased use of heroin in middle America, and he vowed to put an end to it. But does Trump really think people who are in desperate need of their Oxycontin fix to get through the day as their jobs are eliminated by heartless corporations are going to be compliant and content if they suddenly can’t get their dope? They’ll be ready to riot and blame it all on Trump.

Even more tragically, many of these downwardly mobile white Americans invested their hope for a better tomorrow in the Trump message of making America great again. How do you supposed they’re going to feel when they come to realize they’ve been had and the new administration is taking away the few benefits they have? They were conned, and it seems highly unlikely they’ll agree to get shafted yet again by this rich bullshit artist.

Trump, and his voters, have no solutions. They will only create more problems.

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11-Year-Old Kansas Boy Detained By Police After Defending Medical Marijuana In Class

While dozens of states across the country have decided to allow the medical use of marijuana for certain illnesses, in Kansas the bad old days of the War on Drugs are still a prominent feature of the Sunflower State’s backwards migration.

Need proof? Then try this on for size: an 11-year-old boy spoke up in defense of medical marijuana during a mandatory anti-drug class at this school. His teachers, quite obviously not fans of free speech, notified child protective services (CPS). CPS then decided to call the police.

Over the next few hours, a flurry of activity was set into motion. As the boy’s mother, Shona Banda recalls:

“Well, they had that drug education class at school that was just conducted by the counselors… They pulled my son out of school at about 1:40 in the afternoon and interrogated him. Police showed up at my house at 3… I let them know that they weren’t allowed in my home without a warrant… I didn’t believe you could get a warrant off of something a child says in school. We waited from 3 o’clock until 6 o’clock. They got a warrant at 6 o’clock at night and executed a warrant into my home. My husband and I are separated, and neither parent was contacted by authorities before [our son] was taken and questioned.”

Upon searching the house, police found two ounces of cannabis oil which Ms. Banda uses to treat the pain associated with Crohn’s disease. She had been approved for the use of the drug in Colorado, where she and her son lived prior to moving to Kansas.

And in Kansas, any form of cannabis is still considered extremely illegal under state law and is punishable by jail time.

Not only that, but Banda could now lose custody of her son. And the local prosecutor seems determined to make an example out of this woman and her completely innocent son. In an interview, Banda said:

“On the 24th, he was taken into custody. That was on a Tuesday. He was taken out of town Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday we had a temporary hearing… and temporary custody was granted to my ex. Now the only reason why temporary custody was granted to my ex is because the judge said something to the effect that the amount of cannabis found in my home was going to possibly be felony charges and it was pointless letting the child return home to his mother.”

Keep in mind all of this began when a young boy spoke his mind in a classroom! At what point did we decide to criminalize speech in this country? Did we take a vote on that while I was out walking my dog? This kind of Orwellian action is nothing short of tyranny by the state.

Ms. Banda has not yet been charged with anything, but the terror of what she has been through is enough to make the average person lose hope.

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Ms. Banda’s friends to help defray the cost of legal fees, which could be substantial by the time this entire matter is finally settled.

And this all took place here in America. Is this what we call “freedom?”