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Paranoid Trump Is Now Searching For Hidden Messages In Joe Biden’s Public Remarks

Each and every day, Donald Trump looks at the latest tracking polls and sees that he’s falling further and further behind his likely Democratic challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, who is up by as much as 9 points nationally over Trump and also leads in key battleground states such as Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. A couple of weeks ago, Trump was even threatening to sue his campaign manager, Brad Parscale.

But a move the Trump 2020 campaign made Monday proves that the president and his campaign advisers are desperate, flummoxed, and downright paranoid when it comes to what they can do to stop the hemorrhaging as November 3 draws ever closer.

According to a press release sent out by the Trump campaign, they have launched an “investigative website” that is intended to uncover “the truth behind Joe Biden’s never-ending, seemingly incomprehensible statements during his third, plodding campaign for president.”

Oh, and here’s the kicker: They’re calling this website the “Truth Over Facts” website. Yeah, as if a pathological liar like Donald Trump would know the truth, even if it walked up and began pissing on his leg.

Even if the stunt is an attempt at trolling Biden, it’s about as creative and effective as something a 6th grader would think up and post on Facebook in order to get back at a teacher he or she doesn’t care for.

The more likely purpose of the website, however, is to provide a digital repository for every vile lie, crumb of propaganda, and outright slanderous assertion the Trump team and its MAGA-inspired zombies can think up and circulate on social media. It’s quite literally a site where bullshit will be packaged as “news” and “information.” It’s right out of Orwell’s 1984, and it proves just how worried the Trump team is right now.

What Donald Trump cannot seem to get through his thick skull and shellac-coated “hair” is that people don’t like or trust him. They see 90,000 Americans dead and 36 million unemployed and they realize the current president is a pathetic failure.

Trump has told over 20,000 lies since taking office. Over the next six months in the lead-up to the election, don’t be surprised if he tells at least 20,000 more.

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Paranoid Trump Terrified A Journalist Will Deliberately Infect Him With Coronavirus: REPORT

The Trump administration and Donald Trump himself, according to White House insiders, is in complete and total meltdown as the coronavirus crisis continues to plunge global markets into a ditch, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing over 2,000 points on Monday, over 7.7 percent of its total value.

Things are getting beyond tense and downright psychotic as it relates to Trump himself, according to Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair, who notes that the president is now convinced journalists will deliberately contract the disease just so they can get close and infect him:

“Last week Trump told aides he’s afraid journalists will try to purposefully contract coronavirus to give it to him on Air Force One, a person close to the administration told me. The source also said Trump has asked the Secret Service to set up a screening program and bar anyone who has a cough from the White House grounds. ‘He’s definitely melting down over this,’ the source said.”

But despite his fears, Trump has done next to nothing to calm public and business fears when it comes to the medical emergency which has now claimed the lives of 24 Americans and with more cases being reported in states that previously had no infections. In other words, coronavirus is acting like the pandemic it is, and it appears to be getting worse by the day.

The simple fact is that the problem is way beyond Donald Trump’s very limited abilities. He can’t mean tweet or bully a virus into submission. He can’t give the virus a MAGA cap and tell it to be content. So he feels powerless. Which he is, thanks in large part to his own screw ups when the virus was first discovered in the U.S.

Perhaps Jonathan Chait of New York explained the entire morass best with an article he wrote regarding how the crisis is sinking Trump’s chances of reelection:

“Every step Trump has taken along the way seems almost calculated to expose him to maximal blame. Trump is now quite likely to lose his reelection, and we will look back at the last few weeks as the time when he sealed his own fate.”

Or, to put it another way: Karma is catching up with Donald Trump, and karma is one unforgiving SOB.