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Conservative Newspaper Rips Trump Apart For His Monumental Incompetence As POTUS

If there’s one thing that has become painfully clear in the weeks since the coronavirus crisis first took hold in the United States, it’s that the current president doesn’t have a clue how to effectively protect the American people from a virus that has already claimed the lives of almost 100,000 people.

Things have gotten so bad that even the conservative newspaper and longtime Trump cheerleader the Washington Examiner is sounding the alarm, noting in a scathing op-ed that the president is unfit to steer the ship of state in an emergency such as the one caused by coronoavirus.

Executive Editor Philip Klein of the Examiner writes:

“President Trump’s bombastic style has served him well through many stages of his political career, but as the coronavirus spreads rapidly throughout the United States, it is exposing how deeply unsuited he is to deal with a genuine crisis that he can’t bluff his way through.”

Trump has always been about bluff and bluster. If he doesn’t like what someone says about him, he threatens to sue them, then backs down and skulks away when it becomes clear he has no chance of winning in court.

But it’s what Klein points to next that should terrify every American:

“Trump appears to be more concerned with numbers that might make him look bad in the short-term, then he is with actually taking the most prudent measures to save lives over time. The current crisis is revealing what many critics feared in a potential Trump presidency. He simply has not shown an ability to break out of his typical antics, and treat the moment with the seriousness with which it deserves.”

All Trump cares about is how the current medical crisis makes him look and what it does to his poll numbers. Everyone else is expendable. His own selfishness makes him a clear and present danger to the United States and the world.

But as Donald Trump is discovering, all the bluster in the world is useless against a virus that shows no mercy and isn’t afraid of his empty threats.

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Trump Tried To Blame Obama For His Own Virus Testing Failures – It Blew Up In His Face

Poor Donald Trump! He’s screwed up the federal response to the novel coronavirus, the economy is in the crapper, and his approval rating is at its lowest level since he took office.

Of course, as it always the case, nothing is ever the Donald’s fault. And he proved that again today at the White House when he had a meltdown about testing for the virus and said there’s no need to do millions of tests before the country opens up.

None of this is my fault! Trump complained. And then he tried to blame his predecessor, Barack Obama, remarking:

“Look, we are better than anyone else in the world on testing. We have tested more than anybody in the world, and we have the best tests in the world, and that’s been all developed in the last couple of months because we started off with nothing. We had absolutely nothing, and that included ventilators, and that included, I always say the cupboards were bare. They were bare in the military, and they were bare medically in terms of pandemics or epidemics or whatever you want to call it.”

There’s just one problem with Trump’s assertion: It’s complete bullshit. Trump disbanded the Pandemic Response Team set up by Obama and didn’t bother to restock the federal stockpile of emergency medical equipment (i.e. masks, gloves, ventilators).

It only took a few minutes for social media to remind Trump of his own failures and set him straight on who’s to blame:

Tomorrow, maybe Robert Mueller or James Comey will make a cameo in some of Donnie’s waking fever dreams which he seems to believe are actually real. That, or he’ll fall back on the old reliable: Blame Hillary.

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Trump’s Coronavirus Poll Bounce Evaporates As Voters Say He’s Failing In His Duties

A week ago, Donald Trump was riding high when it came to how the American public perceived his handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which has left over 4.600 Americans dead and another 209,000 infected with the often lethal disease.

Specifically, a Gallup tracking poll showed that 49 percent of those surveyed approved of the job Trump was doing overall as president and 60 percent said they approved of the job Trump was doing to fight the virus.

But in just eight days time, opinion has shifted drastically, according to a just-released POLITICO/Morning Consult poll:

“The survey, conducted immediately before President Donald Trump announced a 30-day extension of his physical and social distancing guidelines ‘to slow the spread’ of Covid-19, shows 47 percent of voters feel the administration isn’t doing enough in response to the outbreak, greater than the 40 percent who feel the administration is doing the right amount.”

Word from the White House Coronavirus Task Force Tuesday is likely to drive Trump’s bad poll results even higher, with Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the task force, revising the administration’s figures upward by 20 percent, predicting that anywhere from 100-240,000 Americans will die before the lethality of COVID-19 abates enough for the nation to get back to some semblance of normality.

In contrast to the current POLITICO poll, last week 43 percent of those asked said the administration wasn’t doing enough to defeat the virus. So the White House — and by extension Donald Trump himself — has seen a four-point loss of support in just a week. It seems safe to assume that the polls will continue to turn against the president as the casualties mount and the economy continues to sink.

A separate poll conducted by POLITICO/Morning Consult indicates that Trump’s overall approval rating currently stands at 45 percent, with 52 percent saying they don’t approve of his job performance.

Some other specifics inside the POLITICO poll also suggest dark clouds are on the horizon for Trump:

  • 60 percent say they are “very concerned” about the outbreak
  • 41 percent of voters say the virus has been “very disruptive” to their lives

Public opinion can be fickle and is constantly shifting. The latest results suggest that the general public is losing confidence in Donald Trump and don’t expect things to improve anytime soon under his so-called leadership.

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Hillary Just Said What We’ve All Been Thinking About Trump’s Handling Of The COVID-19 Crisis

Today we learned that Donald Trump is planning to pretend the COVID-19 crisis is all gone as soon as Easter, maybe sooner, not because the danger will be gone, but because he’s terrified of losing in November if the economy goes down the tubes, which it very likely will no matter what he does.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of medical experts say the United States needs to remain in a state of shutdown and active social distancing until the number of new infections hits zero for at least seven days. That’s how China and South Korea shut down the virus, but of course Trump thinks he knows better than anyone else, no matter the topic.

But not everyone is willing to die so Donald can boost the Dow Jones Industrial Average a few thousand points and help provide revenue for the president’s filthy rich friends and family. And if and when the number of deaths rises dramatically after Trump has given the all-clear signal, the American people will be done with Trump. Based on recent polls, they already are, no matter what happens with the stock market or Boeing’s profit margin.

Into this charnel house of surreal pronouncements from our so-called president, we finally have some humor, logic, and reason, courtesy of Hillary Clinton, who reminded us all today why millions of us voted for her instead of the clown-in-chief.

On Twitter (which we all know Trump keeps a close eye on), Hillary posted this:

There was also this:

Game, set, and match, Hillary Clinton.

We’ve all been thinking it, but she managed to give it voice. Donald Trump will always put profits over people. You and I are not human beings, we are merely cattle for the corporations to exploit and sell their wares to.

Thank you, Madame President, for saying what needed to be said. No wonder you won by 3 million votes.