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MAGA Faithful Are Now Plotting What They Call The ‘Second Civil War’: Report

Think back to what happened on January 6, 2021. Do you recall the horror and disgust you felt as you watched thousands of pro-Trump rioters storm the U.S. Capitol and demand that then-Vice President Mike Pence be hanged from the nearest noose?

Now think forward to an ordinary day — say sometime around the dog days of summer, between mid-July and August — and imagine the Capitol insurrection times a thousand.

That’s exactly what many of the MAGA faithful are currently plotting, according to American journalist Michelangelo Signorile, who served as editor-at-large for HuffPost from 2011 to 2019.

Signorile warns that the signs are everywhere, and he cites a letter he received from someone describing a book entitled How To Win The Second Civil War. Here’s how the book and the movement it details are explained:

Dear Michelangelo,

“This is not a joke. This is not a myth. This is not a drill. According to a survey last year, a majority of Republicans agreed with the statement: ‘The traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.’”—From Michael Gerson’s Opinion piece last week in the Washington Post.

“This is a significant number of people and they are not all conspiracy theorists,” says Jim Hanson, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran.

There are millions of Americans who still support Trump and the extremists who currently control the GOP, and they’re insisting that we give into their demands — or else:

“He’s saying that, yes, the majority of Republicans believe the American way of life may need to be saved ‘by force’ and that Democrats had better bow to Republicans — no matter how insane and fraudulent their claims are — if they want to ‘survive.’ There’s really no other way to interpret it.”

Or consider it this way: A man with a cache of explosives arrives at your house and demands you sign the property over to him or he’ll turn your home to rubble. Do you reason with him, or do you dare him to do his worst?

The rise of Trump and the way it has metastasized inside the Republican party is a clear and present danger to the entire country. It’s a threat to the very ideals we hold so dear, which are spelled out in the Constitution: Freedom, justice, equality, and representative democracy.

What can be done? Signorile believes it’s time those of us who don’t want to see the country devolve into warring camps and fascism get busy and fight against the threat we face:

“So the talk of a ‘Second Civil War,’ as red states are passing more laws allowing access to guns, and as GOP officials do all they can to protect the violent insurrectionists who beat and stomped police, is clearly a signal that there is more to come.

“Democrats must understand the gravity of this — and progressives should be turning up the heat if they’re not.”

Who’s that you see down near the end of the street you live on? What’s that he’s carrying? He’s talking to one of your neighbors, and then both of them begin marching toward your house. Do you wait until they’re on your front porch, or do you and your like-minded neighbors run them off and warn them to never return?

We have to be certain and have the right answers before it’s too late and what we cherish about this country is gone forever.


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KKK Leader Says He’s Delighted Heather Heyer Died, Threatens Future Violence

While President Trump continues to provide political cover for racist groups throughout the country, a leader of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is now celebrating the fact that an innocent American was murdered in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend.

Justin Moore, who claims to be the Grand Dragon for the Loyal White Knights of Ku Klux Klan, said in a voicemail sent to  North Carolina TV station WBTV that Heather Heyer, who was killed when a white nationalist drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters, deserved to die:

“I’m sorta glad that them people got hit and I’m glad that girl died. They were a bunch of Communists out there protesting against somebody’s freedom of speech, so it doesn’t bother me that they got hurt at all.”

Moore also said that he believes “we’re going to see more stuff like this happening at white nationalist events,” and added:

“We were out there and I seen a lot of communist flags and anti-fascist and we’re going to see more stuff like this. White people are getting fed up with the double standard setup in America today by the controlled press.”

What does Moore think of accused murderer James Allen Fields Jr., who has been charged with Heyer’s death? He’s proud of him:

“Nothing makes us more proud at the KKK than we see white patriots such as James Fields Jr, age 20, taking his car and running over nine communist anti-fascist, killing one n*gger-lover named Heather Heyer. James Fields, hail victory. It’s men like you that have made the great white race strong and will be strong again.”

Keep in mind that Donald Trump said some of the people marching with scum like Justin Moore were “good people.” If they were good, why in the hell were they on the side of a bigoted worm like Moore and his ilk?

The 45th President of the United States has thrown in his lot with people like Justin Moore and James Fields Jr. Let that sink in for a minute and then ask yourself a question: Is this the person who should be leading our country?

Here’s WBTV’s report:

| WBTV Charlotte

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WATCH A Trump Defender Self-Destruct When She Suggests Anti-Nazi Protesters Are As Bad As Nazis

As he continues to face fallout for his delayed reaction to the “Unite the Right” march held in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend, some of President Trump’s supporters are now attempting to make a false equivalency between the neo-Nazi marchers and counter-protesters.

One of those Trump defenders appeared on CNN Tuesday morning. Brunell Donald-Kyei, the former chair of outreach for Trump, along with Democratic strategist Symone Sanders. And Donald-Kyei wasted no time trying to blame both sides of the protests:

“My condolences as a fellow American to those who passed as well as those hurt. What I’ll say is the president has come out expressly against this violence, but also too, Miss Symone, there were people on the left who were pouring urine on journalists — all types of violence.

“I’m waiting for people to come out and condemn that as well. You can’t just condemn one and not the other. you condemn it across the board.”

That led host Chris Cuomo to step in and tell Donald-Kyei:

“Hold on. Brunell, the two sides, the many sides argument. Help us understand it better from your perspective, because I just want to be clear, do you see those who went there to oppose Nazis as the same as the Nazis?”

Donald-Kyei responded:

“I believe that first of all, you had a situation where you had people marching.The people saying white supremacists were marching and they had a permit and then you have these counter protesters come in, and any time you have a situation where you’ve got groups that are on extreme sides, like I said there should be –”

Cuomo then used logic to make the Trump supporter look ridiculous:

“See, that’s the point I don’t get. Are those extreme sides to you? Do you see somebody who opposes white supremacists, who want everybody on this panel to be eradicated from the United States as being equally as extreme as the white supremacists?”

Ms. Donald-Kyei again fell back on her talking point:

“What I’m saying is that I don’t believe that in black supremacy or white supremacy or Hispanic supremacy. I believe we should address any kind of hatred and extreme across the board. It shouldn’t be something that we are letting one get away with it more than any other.”

In other words, just like Trump, Brunell Donald-Kyei mistakenly thinks that the hatred and violence we saw in Virginia came from “many sides.” But the white nationalists are the ones responsible for the deaths of three people, and no false equivalency will ever change that fact.

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Ex-Skinhead Says He’s Terrified Of What Trump Will Do To America As President (VIDEO)

Christian Picciolini used to be a skinhead, so he’s quite familiar with the rhetoric neo-Nazis use in order to recruit  young members into the extremist fold. And he says that same coded language and imagery is now being used by Donald Trump.

In an interview with the Times of Israel, Picciolini recalled how he was first recruited into Chicago Area SkinHeads when he was only 14: He was in an alley, smoking a joint, when he was approached by Clark Martell, leader of the group, who took the joint from his mouth and informed him smoking weed was what “communists and Jews want you to do to keep you docile.” Picciolini said Martell’s message had an appeal to an impressionable teen:

“At the time I was at my most vulnerable, I was breaking free from my parents’ influence. For me it was a sense of belonging, a sense of something noble.”

Picciolini was soon fed massive amounts of propaganda, and much of what he was told can be seen today in the language used by President-elect Donald Trump:

“I was told diversity is a code for white genocide. I was told Latinos were bringing drugs into neighborhoods. I was told Jewish people controlled the media and our banking systems.”

Those same ideas have been used by Trump to make hatred mainstream, Picciolini is convinced:

“I think people are being absolutely complacent,” Picciolini said. “People are hopeful, and I understand that, but I for one am not giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

Take a look at the people Trump has surrounded himself with, Picciolino told the Times of Israel. That alone tells you what Trump’s true intentions are:

“There is no track record of him or anyone surrounding him of understanding what makes this country great, and so we must be extremely vigilant. I know how they think. I was one of them.”

Here’s more with Christian Picciolini:

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FINALLY! Twitter Suspends Accounts Of Alt-Right Hatemongers

Even though it took them forever and a day, Twitter has finally decided to crack down on the racist ramblings of numerous alt-right asshats who have been spewing their venom on the social media platform for years now.

One of those booted from Twitter was Richard Spencer, the notorious white nationalist and so-called “father” of the alt-right movement. Among other things, Spencer advocates that the United States be only for whites because he doesn’t believe the races are able to get along. After learning of the ban, Spencer acted like most hate-filled losers and lashed out, remarking:

“This is corporate Stalinism. I am alive physically but digitally speaking there has been execution squads across the alt right. There is a great purge going on and they are purging people based on their views.”

If Spencer is unhappy with the move, perhaps he would prefer to move somewhere else and vomit out his poison from there. Antarctica is supposed to be lovely this time of year and we can always hope the cooler climate would moderate Spencer’s raging dislike of anyone the least bit different than him.

Twitter refused to comment on the suspensions, which included the accounts of Paul Town, Pax Dickinson, Ricky Vaughn and John Rivers, saying in an emailed statement to USA Today:

“We don’t comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons.”

Heidi Beirich, spokeswoman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said her organization has repeatedly asked Twitter to take a harder line on internet users who traffic in hate speech, but “they have done nothing.”

As of this moment, Twitter has finally taken proactive steps to get rid of some the more disturbing residents of their site. And while Spencer and his ilk may try to say this violates their free speech rights, they should keep in mind that they are not entitled to a Twitter account, and if they violate the terms of service for the site, Twitter has every right to remove their accounts.

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