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Donald Trump’s Niece Says Of Her Uncle: He Has The Maturity Of A 3-Year-Old

The long-awaited release of a book written by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary, was moved up two weeks on Monday, to July 14, and some of the details contained in the book have already begun to leak out.

Politico reports that Simon & Schuster, the publisher of Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man “due to high demand and extraordinary interest.”

But even more tantalizing are the tidbits that we got regarding what exactly Mary Trump has to say about her uncle:

“Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, argues in the book that Donald Trump was emotionally hobbled at a young age because his mother fell ill and his hard-charging, real-estate-developer father made no effort to take over childrearing duties.

“’Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in and synthesize information,’ an excerpt on the book’s back jacket cover says. ‘Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life.’

“Mary Trump’s account appears to be unsparing, according to a release from the publisher. She alleges that her uncle Donald values human beings ‘only…in monetary terms’ and subscribes to ‘cheating as a way of life.’

CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted out the back cover of the book:

The president and his brother, Robert, had sought to prevent publication of the book by getting a court injunction. But after initially getting a delay from one judge, another court ruled in favor of Mary Trump.

Expect a full-scale meltdown by Trump on Twitter between now and July 14. He’s got to be worried about what his niece has revealed in the book. If he weren’t, why would have tried to block its publication?

Donald Trump Elections

Trump Cancelling Republican Convention To Avoid Being Humiliated By Poor Turnout: Report

Donald Trump’s fragile ego is in jeopardy once again, and it appears his fear of failure may lead to the 2020 Republican National Convention being cancelled.

Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair reports that since the city of Jacksonville, Florida, which is hosting the convention, declared that masks are now required everywhere in the city, everything has changed in regard to the GOP soiree:

“But the bad news keeps coming. This week, Jacksonville, Florida—where Trump moved the Republican National Convention so he could hold a 15,000-person rally next month—mandated that people wear masks indoors to slow the explosion of COVID-19 cases.

“According to a Republican working on the convention, the campaign is now preparing to cancel the event so that Trump doesn’t suffer another Tulsa–like humiliation. ‘They probably won’t have it,’ the source said. ‘It’s not going to be the soft landing Trump wanted.'”

The irony could not possibly be more obvious, if only because the current surge of coronavirus cases in Florida and other states wouldn’t even be an issue if Trump had solved the problem instead of pretending everything was fine and urging states to reopen. This premature reopening was Trump’s idea, and it was likely done because he feared a continued shutdown would drag the economy down so far that he would never win a second term in office.

Now, however, Trump is facing an even more precarious situation: The virus is spreading, hospitals are overrun with COVID-19 patients, and the U.S. economy is once again headed for the deep freeze. So instead of getting what he was hoping for, the president is getting a resurgence of the virus while what many voters already suspected: He’s simply not up to the job he was elected to do.

Things are so bad, Sherman notes, that even Trump can smell the stench of defeat on himself:

“Republicans that have spoken with Trump in recent days describe him as depressed and ‘down in the dumps.’ ‘People around him think his heart’s not in it,’ a Republican close to the White House said. Torn between the imperative to win suburban voters and his instincts to play to his base, Trump has complained to people that he’s in a political box with no obvious way out.”

But the box Donald Trump is in is of his own creation, and he’s the one that put himself inside it. For the first time in his life, Trump may finally have to face the fact that something is his fault. Sure, he’ll publicly try to blame others, but in the deep quiet of darkness, he knows the much harder truth: He’s a failure, and his failure began the moment he started believing his own lies, propaganda, and bullshit.

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GOP Sources: Trump Is Furious That Americans Still Love Obama More Than Him

Over the past few weeks, Donald Trump has been more obsessed than usual with his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, even going to far as to suggest (without a shred of proof) that the Obama administration illegally spied on the 2016 Trump campaign and giving rise to a Twitter hashtag, #Obamagate.

As you’d expect, Trump’s allegations are nothing more than a bogus conspiracy theory and a feeble attempt to divert attention from the fact that he failed to protect the United States and his bumbling has led to nearly 100,000 Americans dying from coronavirus.

So is Trump just gearing up for reelection and trying to gin up his base as he prepares to face presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, who served as Obama’s vice president for eight years?

Actually, Republican insiders say it’s a lot more immature and petty that mere politics, because Trump apparently cannot get over the fact that Obama is more popular than he’ll ever be.

The Guardian reports that Tara Setmeyer, who served as a communications director for the GOP on Capitol Hill, says Trump is jealous of Obama:

“First off, Donald Trump has a problem where I think he’s just jealous of the fact that President Obama is still so admired. Number two, I think he has a problem with people of color who are in authority that don’t do the kind of song and dance that he wants them to do.”

While Obama was still in office, Trump repeatedly tried to question his legitimacy by helping spawn the “birther” movement, asserting that Obama wasn’t actually a U.S. citizen (even though he was born in Hawaii) and demanding proof of Obama’s American citizenship.

Matthew Miller, who was director of public affairs at the Department of Justice, notes that the real source of Trump’s anger and jealousy can be summed up in one word: Respect:

“There’s some racism there but, most of all, it’s driven by the fact that Obama has the thing that Trump has always craved but never achieved, and that’s respect. I’ve always thought that the respect that Barack Obama gets from people in this country and around the world is something that just eats Trump alive inside.”

Donald Trump will never be respected. He was a failure as a businessman and will likely go down in history as this country’s worst president. People don’t respect Trump. They laugh at him. He is an object of derision, mockery, and humiliating jokes. He knows that, and he knows just how inadequate he is.

Eat your heart out, Donald! You will never be the man or the statesman Barack Obama is and always will be.

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Trump Is Reportedly Still Too ‘Personally Wounded’ By Impeachment To Meet With Pelosi

Coronavirus has now killed 2,200 Americans and another 125,000 have contracted the virus, making the United States the country with more cases of COVID-19 than any other, which is most definitely a dubious distinction.

You would think that President Donald Trump would want to meet with leaders from both parties to discuss possible measures that might mitigate further financial fallout from coronavirus, but instead he’s only taking meetings with Republicans, even though Democrats control the House of Representatives, which is where all spending bills must originate.

More specifically, Trump is refusing to meet with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and it’s reportedly because he’s still hurt that she dared to impeach him, according to MSNBC:

Did you get that? A grown man is too personally wounded by impeachment to meet with the most important member of the House, which Trump will need if he’s going to get any legislation passed.

What did Trump do instead of meeting with Speaker Pelosi? He sent Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin to speak with her because the President of the United States is too much of a wimp to meet with a woman who called him out for his high crimes and misdemeanors.

This isn’t the first time in recent days that Trump has acted like a spoiled toddler and refused to participate in a function that would have put him in contact with Pelosi. He also refused to attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day lunch that will be held on Capitol Hill Thursday. Trump even had a White House spokesperson announce that the president would not be in attendance because the Speaker chose “to tear this Nation apart with her actions and her rhetoric” during impeachment.

Boo freaking hoo! What a whiny little baby we have as a president. He cannot even sit in the same room with someone he disagrees with because he’s still too insulted for being held accountable for his Ukraine scandal.

Ladies and gentlemen, we do not have a Commander-in-Chief. Instead, we have a Whiner-in-Chief.