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Right-Wing Militia Members With Ties To Trump Arrested For Planning Attack On Muslims

Three members of an extremist right-wing militia group were arrested Friday by the FBI for plotting an act of domestic terrorism against an apartment complex and mosque for Somali refugees in Garden City.

Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright, and Curtis Allen were taken into custody by federal agents as part of an eight-month long investigation. The FBI said all three were members of a militia group that espoused “sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant extremist beliefs.”

The Department of Justice reports that the three men allegedly stockpiled firearms, ammunition and explosive materials, and discussed parking four vehicles filled with explosives at the four corners of the apartment complex in order to set off a massive explosion. They allegedly planned the attack to take place on November 9, the day after the Presidential election.

Some of the rhetoric used by the men is exceptionally violent and disturbing. Stein reportedly said “the only good Muslim is a dead Muslim” and that he would “enjoy” shooting Muslims’ heads. He also allegedly commented:

“When we go on operations, there’s no leaving anyone behind, even if it’s a one-year-old, I’m serious. I guarantee, if I go on a mission, those little fuckers are going bye-bye.”

In a phone call recorded by the FBI, Stein also declared:

“The only fucking way this country’s ever going to get turned around is it will be a bloodbath and it will be a nasty, messy motherfucker. Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the fucking coffee and decide they want this country back…we might be too late, if they do wake up…I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it.”

Here’s some of the hateful postings made by the three men on Facebook:

 Allen also said on Facebook, “I personally back Donald Trump,” and claimed that Hillary Clinton would confiscate all guns and place Americans in FEMA camps.Hate crimes against Muslims are on the rise in the United States. Mosques in the U.S. have suffered vandalism, arson, and destruction 78 times in 2015, according to a report from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. That’s a 400 percent jump from 2014.

Yet Donald Trump tells us Muslims are the threat and that we should ban them from entering the country. Sounds like the real threat is from right-wing domestic terrorists.

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Trump Supporters Now Pressuring The Donald To Release His Tax Returns

The call for Donald Trump to release his tax returns is growing louder, and now even those who are ardent supporters of his are saying he should release them or face the fact that voters will hold it against him.

South Carolina GOP Congressman Mark Sanford is the latest to say Trump has to be transparent and show the world his tax returns. In an op-ed he wrote for the New York Times entitled, “I Support You, Donald Trump. Now Release Your Tax Returns,” Sanford writes:

“To (Trump), demands that he release his tax returns are just a ploy by his opponents and enemies to undermine his campaign. But that obstinacy will have consequences. Not releasing his tax returns would hurt transparency in our democratic process, and particularly in how voters evaluate the men and women vying to be our leaders. Whether he wins or loses, that is something our country cannot afford.”

Sanford also reminds Trump that he promised he would release his tax records:

“I suggest this not as a partisan against Mr. Trump. I am a conservative Republican who, though I have no stomach for his personal style and his penchant for regularly demeaning others, intends to support my party’s nominee because of the importance of filling the existing vacancy on the Supreme Court, and others that might open in the next four years. However, my ability to continue to do so will in part be driven by whether Mr. Trump keeps his word that he will release his tax records.”

And Congressman Sanford also points out how incredibly hypocritical the Orange Menace is being:

“Finally, this is about taking Mr. Trump at his own word. He has certainly dodged and hedged on the subject recently, but many other times he has been remarkably clear that he would make his tax returns public. He consistently chided Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, for not releasing his returns sooner in his campaign. In May 2014, as Mr. Trump entertained the idea of running for president, he said, on television: ‘If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely, and I would love to do that.’ Nothing has changed that should justify Mr. Trump’s changing his mind.”

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Deadbeat Rancher Cliven Bundy Indicted By Federal Grand Jury, Faces Life In Prison

A federal grand jury in Nevada has indicted deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy on charges including conspiracy, assaulting a federal officer, and obstruction of justice in connection with a 2014 standoff on federal land located near his Nevada ranch. Bundy was denied bail because a judge determined he was a flight risk.

U.S. Attorney Daniel G. Bogden remarked on the indictment:

“Persons who use force and violence against federal law enforcement officers who are enforcing court orders, and nearly causing catastrophic loss of life or injury to others, will be brought to justice.”

Just last week, Bundy was also charged with six felony counts as a result of the 2014 showdown against federal land managers on the range where his cattle grazed and fed.

The federal Bureau of Land Management and local authorities backed down in 2014, ceased the roundup of Bundy’s cattle, and also returned about 300 head in an attempt to avoid any violence.

Federal officials also maintain that Bundy still owes over $1 million in unpaid grazing fees for using federal lands to feed his cattle.

The indictment states:

“The defendants recruited, organized, and led hundreds of other followers in using armed force against law enforcement officers in order to thwart the seizure and removal of Cliven Bundy’s cattle from federal public lands. Bundy had trespassed on the public lands for over 20 years, refusing to obtain the legally-required permits or pay the required fees to keep and graze his cattle on the land.”

The other defendants named in the indictment are Ryan Payne and Peter Santilli, who allegedly participated in the 2014 standoff.

If convicted, Bundy could be sentenced to life in prison.

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Oregon Militia Members Tell FBI They Have ‘Demands’–And They’re Hilarious! (Audio)

The FBI has now surrounded the Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge and is trying to encourage the remaining militia members domestic terrorists to surrender their arms and leave the federal property which they illegally seized last month. But so far there has been no progress in that direction.

However, we do have an audio recording of the FBI talking with a member of the Moron Militia, who says he has a some “demands.” The FBI agent conversing with the militant says he’s listening, at which point you can hear the less-than-stable Oregon militia member declare:

“You let Hillary run for president. You let Obama bring terrorists into our country.”

Yeah, and we also let ignorant wannabe soldiers like you and your buddies remain free in this country even though each and every single one of you should be shipped to Guantanamo until you decide to act like law-abiding members of the United States.

There’s also paranoid chatter from the man in the compound about how 5,000 people are listening live to the discussion with the FBI, and then the number changes to 7,000. Now that’s what I call expanding your audience in a hurry!

Later, the militant spokesman goes on and on about how they need reinforcements because the FBI plans to “murder” them so they can have “blood on their hands.”

Is it just me, or has all of this nonsense in Oregon gone on for too long? Isn’t it time these dillholes who have committed multiple felonies are taken into custody and put before a judge? I realize that federal authorities don’t want to move too aggressively and cause a loss of life, but at what point does that merely encourage these dead-enders all the more?

If these people had legitimate complaints (they don’t) then they would try to resolve those via legal and non-violent means.

But for now, listen to this audio and prepare to laugh:


Domestic Terrorism The Karma Is Gonna Get Ya

WATCH: FBI Video Proves Oregon Militant Reached For Gun TWICE Before Being Shot

Ever since the confrontation between federal authorities and militia members earlier this week at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, conspiracy theories have been circulating among fellow militants and the right-wing extremists who support them. Most go like this: LaVoy Finicum, who was shot and killed by agents, was on his knees with his hands in the air, attempting to surrender.

But this video, just released by the FBI, proves that contention to be a complete lie. Watch for yourself:

Take a look at the video around the 9 minute mark and it quickly becomes obvious that as an officer approaches Finicun, Finicum can be seen reaching with his hand toward his body, as if for a weapon. After a second officer appears and moves in, Finicum once again reaches to his body and is shot. This is standard procedure for officers who think a suspect is about to engage them with a weapon. Conservatives love to say that anyone ordered to do something by police should comply, yet where are they now? Why aren’t they condemning LaVoy Finicum?

Inside Finicum’s truck, FBI agents found two loaded .223 caliber semi-automatic rifles and a loaded .38 special revolver. FBI Special Agent Greg Breitzing commented:

“As soon as the agents and troopers were confident that they had addressed any further threats, they provided medical assistance to Finicum. That happened about 10 minutes after the shooting.”

Yet we have asshats such as Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore insisting that militia leader Ammon Bundy called his wife and reported that he had watched Finicum being shot to death while on his knees or lying down. As the video shows, this is pure unadulterated crap. Has Fiore apologized for spreading this falsehood? No she hasn’t

It should also be noted that Finicum told reporters on several occasions that he was willing to give his life in order to defend his perverted view of the Constitution. Apparently he didn’t bother reading the part where it says that if you break the law, you must pay the price.

The siege in Oregon continues, and the Internet is still rife with rumors and conspiracy theories of what happened when Finicum was shot. But the facts do not lie. Only losers who consider themselves above the law think otherwise.

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