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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Sexual Trafficking Trial Begins Monday – That’s Bad News For Donald Trump


On Monday in a Manhattan federal court, the trial of Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime confidant, Ghislaine Maxwell, will begin with opening arguments in what could wind up giving the public a much better idea what sort of sordid underworld Epstein and his male friends — including former President Donald Trump — were part of, including allegations of sexually abusing and trafficking girls as young as 14.

According to NPR, the charges against Maxwell are indeed serious:

Maxwell has been in jail since her arrest in July 2020, when she was charged with enticing a minor to travel to engage in criminal sexual activity, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, conspiracy to commit both of those offenses, and perjury in connection with a sworn deposition.

If found guilty, Maxwell could wind up spending decades behind bars.

While testimony will likely focus on how Maxwell selected and groomed underage girls for Epstein and his friends to abuse, of special interest will be the book of contacts she kept over the years when she allegedly helped set up Epstein’s depraved assignations:

Prosecutors have said they will be using some parts of Maxwell’s book of contacts, which has captured the imaginations of followers of this case. Maxwell and Epstein moved in wealthy and famous circles, and there has been much speculation over whether some of their acquaintances participated in the alleged exploitation of young girls.


Among the men who were reportedly friends with Epstein and may have participated in the abuse of young girls is a list that reads like a who’s who of the rich and famous, including Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew of the British royal family. If prosecutors prove that any of those friends did indeed take part in the sexual assault and trafficking of underage girls, it could lead to new charges against any and all of them, which would prove to be especially worrisome for Trump, who is already facing legal investigations on multiple fronts and who says he has plans to run for president once again in 2024.

The most disturbing allegation ever made against Trump came from a girl who claimed he and Epstein repeatedly raped her when she was only 13:

Court documents spell out the alleged attack:

Jane Doe is an unnamed plaintiff, who has also gone by “Katie Johnson” in legal papers. She claims she was repeatedly raped by Trump and Jeffery Epstein at Epstein’s New York City apartment in 1994, when she was 13 years old. Shortly after this sexual assault by the Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, on the Plaintiff, Katie Johnson, Plaintiff Johnson was still present while the two Defendants were arguing over who would be the one to take Plaintiff Johnson’s virginity. The Defendant, Donald J. Trump, was clearly heard referring to Defendant, Jeffrey E. Epstein, as a ‘Jew Bastard’ as he yelled at Defendant Epstein that clearly, he, Defendant Trump, should be the lucky one to ‘pop the cherry’ of Plaintiff Johnson.”

Johnson later withdrew her lawsuit, saying she he had been threatened and feared for her life if she continued:

Trump allegedly threatened to harm or kill Johnson and her family if she ever told anyone. Johnson said Trump told her he could make them “disappear” like Maria — a 12-year-old girl Johnson says Trump also forced her to have sexual contact with, and whom Johnson hadn’t seen since that encounter.

Does Maxwell have any information about Trump and the alleged rape of Katie Johnson? That could wind up coming out at her trial, and it remains a possibility that Maxwell may agree to cooperate with prosecutors once she sees the evidence against her.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump sits and waits to see if his name enters the public record as Maxwell faces the bar of justice.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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