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The GOP’s BS Allegations Against Joe Biden Are Backfiring BIG TIME On Them

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer (R-KY) has been hyping his “big reveal” for months now, promising that he had evidence President Joe Biden had accepted bribes from foreign governments when he was vice president in the Obama administration.

However, when Comer and other Republicans held a press conference recently, they made all sorts of allegations, but were unable to provide even a scintilla of evidence that proved Biden had done anything illegal.

CNN had this to say about Comer’s presser:

House Oversight Chairman James Comer laid out new details to support allegations that members of Joe Biden’s family including his son Hunter received millions of dollars in payments from foreign entities in China and Romania including when Biden was vice president, according to a memo obtained by CNN.

New bank records cited in the memo were obtained by the committee through a subpoena and include payments made to companies tied to Hunter Biden. Republicans also alleged that Hunter Biden used his familial connections to help facilitate a meeting in 2016 between a Serbian running for United Nations Secretary-General and then-national security adviser to the vice president Colin Kahl.


But the latest report does not show any payments made directly to Joe Biden, either as vice president or after leaving office.

Politico was even more emphatic:

The memo detailed payments to Biden family members and asserted that “it is not credible” that the president wasn’t aware of his family’s business efforts given the total size of the payments. It also did not show any way in which Biden’s decisions were influenced by those agreements or that he had direct knowledge of them.

And while Republicans have criticized the payments as questionable, they stopped short of calling any of the activity potentially illegal.

No connection to the president and no proof of any illegal actions by anyone. That’s about as big of a nothingburger as you’ll see in Washington, D.C.

White House assistant Ian Sams had the best take on the GOP dog and pony show: “Seriously? This was debunked literally 4 years ago.”

But perhaps the best takedown of Comer and his Republican clown allies came from Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who is the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee.

“There’s a lot of innuendo and a lot of gossip taking place, Raskin noted, “and much of it is recycled from prior claims.”

James Comer has humiliated himself and House Republicans. They have no evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden and are merely trying to distract from the fact that their likely 2024 presidential nominee was found guilty of being a sexual predator.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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