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Georgia Governor Admits On Tape: Voter Suppression Bill Has ‘Nothing To Do With Fraud’

The voter suppression bill that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed last week was supposedly (according to him and other Republican leaders in the Peach State) necessary to fight voter fraud.

On Tuesday, Kemp was still defending the legislation:

“I’ve always been passionate about making it easy to vote and hard to cheat. You know, the voters in Georgia are pretty smart and I trust them to take a hard look and figure out for themselves what is really in it and what’s not.”

But just a few hours later, Kemp flatly admitted that the bill had nothing at all to do with fraud or cheating by Georgia voters, telling WABE radio:

“A lot of this bill is dealing with the mechanics of the election. It has nothing to do with potential fraud or not.”

Kemp also suggested that since the GOP controls the Georgia General Assembly, they can pass any laws they want, no matter what anyone else thinks:

“I’ve heard a lot of the Democrats say this year the elections have consequences. And they certainly do.

“And the people that are still governing in the General Assembly wanted to do something about the problems that they saw with this election. And that’s exactly what they have done, which is how the process works.”

So there’s no fraud that needs to be fought against, but since Republicans are in charge, they can do as they please. That’s a hell of a way to look at things.

However, Kemp’s legislation is already causing major problems for Georgia economically, with a boycott being called for and the CEO’s of both Delta and Coca-Cola (both headquartered in the Peach State) saying the new law is unacceptable.

Several lawsuits have also been filed to void the Georgia voting law, any of which could succeed. But will they before the 2022 midterm?

Republicans can’t win elections unless they cheat. If you doubt that, keep in mind that even Gov. Brian Kemp admitted so.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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