Donald Trump Jr. Viral Video

Donald Trump Jr’s Super Bowl Halftime Rant Video Has People Saying He Needs A Stint In Rehab

In his latest attempt to appear marginally relevant, Donald Trump Jr. only succeeded in proving that needs an extended stay in rehab.

The video Don Jr. posted on social media is an extended, fact-free rant in which he tries to connect journalist Bob Woodward, Hillary Clinton, Watergate, and a number of other completely unrelated subjects in an attempt to prove that his father was spied on and should be reinstated to the presidency.

Here, take a look:

Those who have used drugs and/or alcohol will immediately recognize the warning signs from Junior’s video: The half-mast eyelids. The staccato speech pattern. The failure to make even a whit of sense.

On social media, nearly everyone was universal in their suggestion that Don Jr. get himself to rehab and stop using air quotes since he clearly doesn’t know how to.

The good news for Junior is they have drug rehab in prison.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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