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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims New York City Is Full Of Marijuana ‘Zombies’

One of the biggest dopes in Congress is complaining about dope being legal in New York City and that it’s even creating “zombies” in the Big Apple.

Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene apparently read an article published in the New York Post about how decriminalization of marijuana in the city has resulted in “proliferating mayhem.”

The Sunday night murder inside a Harlem “smoke shop” near the corner of 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard — the second shooting in the neighborhood in the last year — is a savage reminder of the state’s stupendously disastrous legalization of marijuana.

It’s hard to identify another policy rollout — even in the era of bail reform — that was so misconceived and poorly executed.

However you feel about the repeal of marijuana-prohibition laws, New York went about it in an asinine manner. Instead of timing possession decriminalization to the licensed legalization of sales, the state embraced a Wild West approach, virtually eliminating the entire criminal code pertaining to marijuana overnight.

According to The Post, “A license to get high has turned service employees into zombies.”

That led to Greene to tweet, “I saw them when I went there to protest against the weaponization of government against President Trump by a George Soros funded DA.”

What Greene neglected to mention is that her “protest” only lasted for 10 minutes. When counter-protesters shouted her down, she turned tail and ran like a gutless coward. Which she is.

Reactions to Marge’s tweet were on-point.