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You WILL NOT BELIEVE How Many Times Donald Trump Pleaded The Fifth During A Divorce Hearing

At the first debate, Donald Trump was indignant as he talked about aides to Hillary Clinton pleading the Fifth Amendment in depositions related to the former Secretary of State’s email server. And yet we now know that during Trump’s divorce from his first wife, Ivana, the real estate mogul took the Fifth himself on 97 separate occasions so he wouldn’t have to admit he had committed adultery.

Trump biographer Wayne Barrett wrote in his 1992 bookTrump: The Greatest Show on Earth:

“Donald preaches about his devotion to the Second Amendment, but it was the Fifth Amendment that was his favorite when he was deposed in the divorce with Ivana.”

Pleading the Fifth worked so well for Trump that he later bragged he’d been able to settle his first divorce without paying Ivana more than was required by the prenuptial agreement.

Also, Trump now says that in the next debate he will be attacking Hillary Clinton for her husband Bill’s marital infidelities. Which makes him not only a loutish boor, but also a raging hypocrite of monumental proportions.

Just this week, Trump declared he would be attacking Clinton more because she too was somehow to blame for attempting to destroy women who accused former President Clinton of having affairs with them:

“She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler, and what she did to a lot of those women is disgraceful.”

How disgraceful it is that Trump was having an affair with Marla Maples while still married to Ivana Trump? And he had that affair in the media capital of the world, New York City, as his children were watching their mother being treated like she was to blame for the disintegration of their marriage. Just how disgusting can one man be?

On Wednesday, Trump had this to say of anyone who dares take the Fifth, even though every American has that right under the Constitution:

“So there are five of them taking the Fifth Amendment, like you see on the mob, right? The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

Why did you take it 97 times back in 1990, Donald? We’re all waiting to hear your answer.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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This doesn’t make sense as much as I despise the Orange Menace. Adultery was not at the time, and still isn’t a criminal offense in the State of New York. So he should never have been permitted to take the 5th. Also, if you’re the plaintiff, taking the 5th in a civil matter will result in repercussions assuming the other party’s attorney is minimally competent.

Hypocrisy……. Something WAY over Donald’s Head to comprehend…Let him rant, Most Americans are tired of his stale ass dance anyway……

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