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WTF?! Megyn Kelly Does Segment Denying Fox News Has Any Right-Wing Bias (Video)

For years, Fox News has patently denied that they’re on the side of Republicans, conservatives, and right-wing nut-jobs from across the social and political spectrum. Perhaps more amazingly, they repeatedly do so while keeping a straight face and not busting out in uncontrollable laughter. Meanwhile, the rest of us who are still looking for the “news” on Fox know only too well that the fix is in. Fox News is the official propaganda ministry for all things that lean to the right.

Added to the Fox News denials, we now have Fox host Megyn Kelly, who appeared on the CBS show “Sunday Morning” and told Charlie Rose that Fox has no bias whatsoever, they just want to report the news. Amazingly, her nose did not grow, nor did she burst into flames. Heck, she even managed to say it with a certain amount of certainty.

Rose directly asked Kelly:

“You don’t believe there is a right-wing bias at Fox, a conservative bias at Fox?”

Kelly didn’t even pause before proclaiming:

“No. No, I don’t. I think that Fox News is fair and balanced. And I think the conservatives who are on air here make no bones about their ideology.”

Charlie Rose then attempted a very logical follow-up question in light of how Fox News has bolstered Donald Trump over the past year:

“But does Fox News have a closer relationship with Donald Trump, with the Republican Party than it does with liberals and the Democratic Party?”

Remarkably, Kelly actually gave a partially honest response to the query:

“That’s obviously true because you see Trump on our air every day”

Kelly was also asked about her somewhat rocky relationship with Trump, but like the good Fox employee she is, she assured Rose she would “absoltely” have the Donald on her show again and wouldn’t even expect or demand an apology from the GOP front-runner.

Of course, it remains debatable if Megyn Kelly actually believes Fox has no right-wing slant. If she does believe that, then she has become just another of the Fox News pod people who will believe anything the network tells them as long as the paychecks continue without interruption. But, if she knows better and still says this kind of thing, then she truly is as bad as Fox News head Roger Ailes, who would sell his soul for a ratings bump, and very well may have done so years ago.

Watch the CBS segment for yourself:

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