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Woman Who Took Photo With Hillary Now Getting Death Threats From Trumpkins

No doubt you remember the incredibly touching story of Margot Gerster. She was hiking in the woods near her home in upstate New York shortly after Election Day and happened to run into Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clinton’s were out walking their dog at the time.

As any of us probably would have done, Gerster asked if she and her infant daughter could have their picture taken with Hillary Clinton, who gladly agreed. Gerster then posted the photo to Facebook and mentioned how excited she was to have met the person she voted for.

Now, however, Margot Gerster said she wants the whole thing to just “go away” because she’s been getting death threats from Trump acolytes. Gerster commented:

“I don’t want to discuss this anymore. This story needs to go away. It got a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people, but I don’t want this to add on to this (blowback), I don’t want to fuel the fire.”

Some Trump supporters are absolutely convinced that the entire meeting with the Clintons was staged as a way of keeping the former Secretary of State in the headlines after she lost the election. You know how Trump and his brainless minions just love to traffic in conspiracy theories.

Gerster says she never imagined she would run into the Clintons when she went hiking, adding:

“It was very random. In 100,000 years, I would have never expected running into Hillary Clinton in the woods. It was a very positive experience for me and a lot of other people. That’s why I posted it.”

But in the deeply paranoid world of mindless Trump followers, there are no coincidences and no random events. It’s all part of a larger design, a grander plot for the United Nations to enslave Americans and fulfill their plan for a new world order.

If it weren’t all so ridiculous, it might even be humorous. But death threats against a mother who posts a picture on Facebook? That is the very definition of deplorable.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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