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Woman Calls Immigrants ‘Rats And Roaches,’ Receives Cheers From GOP Crowd (VIDEO)

If you think that the hatred and fearmongering we’re seeing from Donald Trump this year is unique to him, then you simply haven’t been paying attention. A video has now surfaced from May of 2015 which shows a woman speaking at the South Carolina Freedom Summit in which she calls immigrants “rats and roaches.”

The woman, who has now been identified as the mother-in-law of David Bossie, is handed a microphone by GOP pollster Frank Luntz and proceeds to puke out this poison:

“One man, one vote. People are coming in this country across the borders like rats and roaches in the woodpile. We’ve got a state like Minnesota that says it’s not our business to check them out, we just register them. We’ve got to get control. That’s what they need to know.”

Luntz is about to take the mic back from this hateful shrew, but she goes on to say:

“Years ago, I might have been a Democrat. But I saw the problem and I went to the Republican Party. I didn’t wait for them to come looking for me. Why do these young people have to be solicited? We are all intelligent people. We need to be voting our convictions and choose a party.”

If the name David Bossie sounds vaguely familiar to you, he’s the douchenozzle President of Citizens United and was just hired by the Trump campaign to serve as deputy campaign manager. Bossie proudly calls himself a “Clinton hunter,” and has tried over the years to smear her with ridiculous and unfounded allegations.

No, the hatred and fear we see emanating from Trump is nothing new in the GOP. Matter of fact, it’s kind of their calling card in recent years.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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