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White Nationalist Says He’s Hopeful Trump Will Drive The Jews Out Of Power

Chances are you’ve never heard of Matt Parrott. He’s the chief information officer of the white nationalist Traditionalist Youth Network, which means he’s one of the ignorant heaps of excrement who thinks the United States is supposed to be a white country.

Parrott recently read a column in the Washington Post by Shalom Auslander in which Auslander said that unlike Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump is just a two-bit con man. Auslander wrote:

“The comparison that matters is not, ‘Is Donald Trump like Hitler?’ but, ‘Are we like Hitler’s willing executioners?’

“Because if we are, then we won’t need an Adolf Hitler to embrace that darkness. Even a two-bit con man like Donald Trump will be enough.”

The hate-filled Parrot was quite upset that Auslander dared compare Americans to the Germans who put Hitler into power in the 1930s, so on the Trad Youth website he posted a response:

“Even if you don’t name the Jews, if you’re putting America First, the Jews will name you. And if you’re not a brilliant and well-connected billionaire with balls of imported Swedish green marble, they will break you. The Jews aren’t so much angry at Trump as they’re angry at the deplorable goyim propelling him to victory.”

How dare anyone call Donald Trump supporters racist or xenophobic! How dare a person make connections between Trumpkins and members of the KKK or neo-Nazi groups, even though many of them clearly are! The audacity of some who would tell the truth! Have these people no shame?!

Parrott concludes his screed with words that eerily echo statements we heard from the Nazis as they sent tens of millions to their deaths in the gas chambers:

“Maybe it’s not the End of History after all, Shalom. And maybe America will follow the leader of every other European nation in history in eventually awakening from the Jewish spell and driving y’all out. Whether Trump turns out to be the man who rises up from among the people to drive you out of power, what’s been demonstrated is that our human nature hasn’t been fundamentally transformed. White Americans are actually reviving their spirit of racial pride, bucking the Jewish plan for them, and growing immune to the usual enticements and enforcements.”

It’s starting again, only this time it’s right here at home. And it’s up to each of us who will cast ballots in November to make we don’t sit idly by while these lunatics try to take the levers of power. Never again!

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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