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White House Releases Preview Of Tuesday’s Address To Right-Wing Media, And It’s BEYOND Bullsh*t

If perhaps you were contemplating watching Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening but weren’t sure your stomach could take it, have no fear because the White House has already released an outline of what the speech will cover to right-wing sites such as InfoWars, which posted some of it Monday afternoon:

“In Tuesday night’s speech, he will lay out an optimistic vision for the country that crosses the traditional lines of party, race and socioeconomic status. It will invite Americans of all backgrounds to come together in the service of a stronger, brighter future for our nation.”

An optimistic vision? Does that mean he’s going to announce his resignation? Will he take Pence with him?

Then we get the bullet points of the same bullshit Republicans always say, especially the traitorous ones who want to try and divert attention from their collusion with Russia:

  • Tax and regulatory reform to get relief to hardworking Americans and American businesses.
  • Making the workplace better for working parents.
  • Saving American families from the disaster of Obamacare.
  • Making sure every child in America has access to a good education.
  • A great rebuilding of the American military.
  • Fulfilling our commitments to our veterans and making sure they have access to the care they need.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the lies contained in the first part of the speech, we will also get double-talk and endless lies about:

“Americans can expect a speech that is grounded firmly in solving real problems for real people. How can we make sure that every American who needs a good job can get one? How can we get kids who are trapped in failing schools into a better school? How we can keep gangs and drugs and violent crime out of their neighborhoods?”

Wait, wait, wait! Lemme guess: Tax cuts for the super rich, taking away health insurance from millions, screwing over the neediest Americans, and pretending it’s all gonna be wonderful is gonna finally make us great again, right? I just knew you could turn this country around, Emperor Donald. All hail!

Yep, it’s warmed over bullshit and boilerplate conservative “solutions” that have failed time and time again. Pardon us if we don’t believe a word of it. Then again, why would we ever believe a single word that a pathological liar says?

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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