WATCH Wolf Blitzer Nail Rudy Giuliani For Lying About His Connection To FBI Leaks

In what may go down as 10 of the most interesting and excruciating minutes in television history, CNN host Wolf Blitzer caught former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani lying about his statements on what he knew and when he knew it in regard to the recent leaks of FBI information on Hillary Clinton.

Giulini began by asserting that while he has talked to former FBI agents, he is not in contact with any current members of the agency:

“No, I’ve spoken to no current FBI agents, gosh, in the last eight months, nine months, ten months, certainly not about this. So, I’ve had lots of conversations with them and they have told me a lot about the — I guess the disagreement between the Justice Department on the one hand and the FBI on the other. But it all comes from former FBI agents and it’s all hearsay.”

Yet this is in direct contrast to what Giuliani said in another interview when he proudly declared:

“Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it.”

Blitzer noted that members of Congress are now saying Giuliani got leaked information from the FBI and should be investigated. To that, Rudy replied:

“That’s not correct. I’ve had no conversations with anyone inside the FBI. I have heard for the last four months a tremendous amount of information about the consternation within the FBI, the fact that FBI agents were very unhappy about the way they were being treated by the Justice Department. But none of it came from any current — I haven’t talked to a current FBI agent.”

The CNN host countered Giuliani’s statement with this:

“In the interview, this morning on ‘Fox & Friends’ you seemed to say, ‘Did I hear about it? You’re darn right I heard about it.’ What were you referring to?”

After hemming and hawing, the former mayor finally said he was referring to unrest brewing at the FBI and that Comey’s announcement took him by surprise. Then a second later he said it wasn’t a surprise:

“Except to the extent that maybe it wasn’t that much of a surprise because I had been hearing for quite some time that there was a lot of, I don’t know how you would describe it, maybe revolution is too strong a word, but a lot of debate and anger within the FBI about the way they were being treated by the Justice Department and a lot of FBI agents feeling that the Justice Department had been corrupted.”

Blitzer then put the screws to Giuliani:

“If you don’t know it’s true, why are you suggesting it? Why are you going on national television talking about these issues if you don’t know it’s true?”

Unable to provide any credible answer, Giuliani attempted to cover his tracks with more lies and non-answers, but it was too late. He had already contradicted himself so many times that no one could believe him. Not that anyone ever did.

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By Andrew Bradford

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