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WATCH: Trump Supporter HUMILIATES HERSELF By Claiming Hillary Sexually Assaults Women

If you tuned into CNN last night, you may have seen what could go down in the annals of television as one of the most bizarre moments ever seen on a video screen.

Trump supporter Gina Loudon began by laying out a bogus list of claims against Hillary Clinton and was soon fact checked by Democratic strategist Bakari Sellers, who told Loudon:

“No, no, no, this is absurd. This is absurd. Bless your heart, both of you, this is patently absurd. You talked about the fact that Donald Trump somehow had allegations that were unproven. No. Melania Trump was on camera today, trying to deal with his own comments coming out of his mouth. We weren’t even at the allegations. We were at the point that he said he likes to sexually abuse people.”

Loudon interjected:

“You cannot be serious.”


“That’s sexual assault, is it not? Did I miss something?”

That’s when Loudon took a side road and wound up in the Twilight Zone, commenting:

“Words are not sexual assault. What is sexual assault is what Hillary Clinton did to the women her husband absolutely, factually–”

Host Don Lemon stepped in at this point:

“Hillary Clinton sexually assaulted the women?”

Loudon attempted to defend her remarks, telling Lemon:

“When she paid a $100,000 to malign the women by hiring a private investigator to dig up bad stuff on these women. Why is that not some sort of assault on woman? Tell me that.”

Because it simply isn’t and doesn’t fit any legal definition of what constitutes assault, Gina. Join us all back down here on planet earth.

But it was former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter who had the best comeback for Loudon, telling her:

“You guys are embarrassing yourselves.

Here are the facts. Donald Trump lied about the Central Park Five. Proven. He lied about President Obama and where he was born. Proved. He’s lying about voter fraud and the only time that Donald Trump is not lying is when his lips are not moving. He’s a liar.”

And yet the Trump team wonders why they’re behind in the polls by double digits.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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