WATCH: Trump Supporter Confronts Ted Cruz, Accuses Him Of Being Canadian

Poor Teddy Boy Cruz. He’s been planning and scheming to be President of the United States since he learned to walk, but it seems that the harder he tries to gain traction in the GOP primaries, he only falls further behind to front-runner Donald Trump.

While campaigning yesterday in Indiana, Cruz was once again thrown for a loop. Even though he and Ohio Governor John Kasich have formed an alliance to beat Trump, the Donald’s supporters are now angry with Cruz and Kasich, and they’re not afraid to confront Cruz over what they see as his obstruction of their man Trump. One of those supporters, later identified as Kathy Hiel, got in Cruz’s face the minute he exited his campaign bus, accusing him of attempting to rig the system against Trump. Cruz denied the charges, but Hiel would not relent

As the heated debate continued and Hiel got more agitated, Cruz finally told her:

“I’ll have a respectful conversation with you.”

Finally, Hiel decided to use the kryptonite she thought would best wound Cruz: She accused him of having been born in Canada, meaning he’s not a natural-born citizen and therefore ineligible for the White House. Yep, the very same line of attack that Trump has used on countless occasions.

Once Cruz managed to extricate himself from the confrontation with Hiel, she told an ABC News reporter:

“With the collusion of Ted and the Republican Party and John Kasich I feel that they should — both men should just step out. They’re just doing nothing but trying to hurt the front-runner when they actually don’t have a chance of winning.”

There’s a civil war taking place in the GOP. I say we all grab some popcorn and watch as the party implodes. It’s gonna be one helluva show.

Watch Cruz Get His A*s Handed to Him:

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By Andrew Bradford

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