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WATCH: Trump Loses It On-Air When CNN Host Asks Him About His Attacks On Hillary

Since he became the presumptive 2016 GOP nominee for President, Donald Trump has been on the attack against the person he believes will be the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton. Trump has accused Clinton of playing “the woman card,” questioned her tenure as Secretary of State, and even begun accusing the former First Lady of being an “enabler” of her husband’s marital infidelities while he was still President.

But earlier today on the CNN show “New Day,” Trump got very agitated and had what can best be described as a meltdown — aka a Trumper Tantrum — when CNN host Chris Cuomo began the interview with this question:

“You are attacking Hillary Clinton for the sexual past and indiscretions of her husband. What is your thinking on this line of attack?”

As is often the case, rather than respond to a completely legitimate query, Trump went off on a tangent, telling Cuomo:

“First of all, you should congratulate me for having won the race. I thought, you know, at least there would be a small congratulations but I’m not surprised with CNN because that’s the way they treat Trump. You know, they call it the ‘Clinton Network,’ and I believe that. So, uh, let’s start off right there.”

Cuomo was then forced to remind Trump of recent history:

“I said congratulations the last time we spoke!”

Notice that Trump still has not said one word about the question Cuomo asked about his attacks on the Clintons. Instead, he’s pretending his feelings are hurt, as if he’s some kind of sulking pre-teen. Then, quite oddly, Trump told Cuomo:

“I understand CNN perhaps a lot better than you do!”

Again, no response to the question from Cuomo. Instead, Trump blathered on with more accusations:

“Nor does CNN ever show the crowds. I could be making a speech for an hour and they’ll never show the crowds!”

From there, later in the same interview, having still not responded to Cuomo, Trump turned his ire to the New York Times:

“You know, it was reported in the failing New York Times and other places that I want to default on debt. You know, I’m the king of debt. I understand debt better than probably anybody. I know how to deal with debt. You know, I love debt. But it’s dangerous and it’s tricky. They print it out wrong purposefully.”

If Trump tries this kind of tactic in a debate against someone as skilled as Hillary Clinton, she will utterly destroy him. And he won’t even realize that he’s been bested. He’ll still be whining about how the media mistreats him.

The full CNN interview can be seen right here:

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By Andrew Bradford

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