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WATCH: Trump Has To Board Air Force One Via Cargo Hold Instead Of Normal Stairs

Now that he’s supposedly “cured” and “immune” from getting COVID-19 again, President Donald Trump is back to his mass rallies, the first of which he held Monday in Florida.

But as Crooks and Liars observed, the president didn’t board Air Force One for his voyage to the Sunshine State via the usual stairway route to the plane:

“Oddly, he boarded Air Force One via the cargo stairs, which lead to the cargo compartment of the plane. Only 10 steps versus the regular 20 or 25. Just odd.”


A closer look at photos taken before Trump boarded the plan also reveals some clues that seem to undercut his claims that he’s feeling much better:

So what gives? He needs fewer stairs, he isn’t wearing a mask, and he has a bandage on his right hand. Does that sound normal to you? Twitter sure didn’t think so:

Whatever the actual reason for the shorter staircase is impossible to know for certain, and we definitely can’t expect this White House to tell the truth after lying endlessly for the past four years. Time to send this geezer into retirement and take our country back.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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