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WATCH: Trump Adviser Shamed By CNN Host For Trying To Politicize Orlando Massacre

Ever since the horrific shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Donald Trump has been attempting to make political hay out of the tragedy, which left 49 innocent people dead and another 53 injured.

Last night on CNN, Ken McKay of the Rebuilding America Now PAC which supports Trump was discussing the issue with CNN host Don Lemon, who asked McKay if Trump was being “insensitive,” while the country is still in mourning for the victims. Rather than respond to the query, McKay tried to redirect the discussion with this bit of crap:

“They made sure to blame this tragedy on gun owners of America quicker than they blamed the Benghazi attack on terrorists.”

Lemon then leveled McKay by telling him:

“I have to tell you it’s not just Democrats who are saying there needs to be some sensible restrictions on some kinds of guns, it’s also Republicans. It’s also independents, it’s also reasonable people, and what the families say is ‘we’re tired of political talking points.’ Republican families, Democratic families, independent families, who are, all of them, every family I spoke to said they are pro-Second Amendment and that they are tired of this whole gun thing being politicized, and , quite frankly they thought that Donald Trump was politicizing it.”

Then Lemon reminded McKay that the families of the victims are still traumatized and in pain:

“Some people may get upset with me, but every time I go to one of these things and I sit with families who have lost loved ones and they staring me in the eyes and they’re crying and I see women, the mothers, who cannot stop moving, they’re so jittery, and they hadn’t slept, and they’re telling me that they cannot sleep at night, they cannot do anything, they’re tired of turning on the television and hearing people bickering about left vs right when it comes to guns. They don’t care if it was a terrorist act! They don’t care if it was an act of hate. They don’t care what it is, their loved one is dead and they want something done about it! The one thing they say, the commonality in these shootings is the type of weapon used.”

McKay, knowing he had just been bested and made to look the callous jerk, replied:

“That’s not the question you asked me.”

I’m not sure who is more disgusting, Donald Trump or the brain-dead morons who so blindly support him.

Watch the interview for yourself:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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