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WATCH The New Documentary That Proves Trump Is In Bed With The Russian Mafia

For years, there have been rumors that President Trump has numerous connections to members of organized crime in the United States and overseas. And now a new documentary from German public television confirms that Trump is indeed in bed with some very unsavory characters.

The film, entitled Dangerous Ties – Trump And His Business Partners, carefully details all of Trump’s connections to people such as convicted felon Felix Sater (who lived in Trump Tower for many years), and alleges that the New York real estate mogul has repeatedly laundered millions of dollars for Russian gangsters to finance building projects.

Additionally, Dangerous Ties suggests that Trump was elected in 2016 as the result of a sophisticated, multi-faceted Russian intelligence operation. As former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum explains:

“If the Russians – through espionage activities – selected the President of the United States, this is the most important espionage story in the history of the world. It’s the most successful intelligence operation in the history of the world.

“And we need to know that. It goes to our question: Should this president continue in office?”

The documentary also shows Trump’s ties to Italian, Kazakstani, and Russian organized crime bosses, some of whom ran their illegal operations directly out of Trump Tower in New York.

Trump biographer Tim O’Brien is another person interviewed by German TV for the film, and he told the filmmakers:

“Trump wasn’t the only builder who wound up intersecting with mafia-linked companies… but Trump never even attempted to get out of the way of these folks. In fact, he did everything he could to court them.

“Roy Cohn was Trump’s lawyer. He was–other than (Trump’s) father–he was the single biggest mentor in Trump’s life, and Roy Cohn represented the Genovese crime family in various capacities, including ‘Fat Tony’ Salerno. It’s been suggested that Trump’s relationship with Roy Cohn facilitated Trump’s relationship with organized crime when he needed their help to get things done around building projects.”

For example, in the 1980 New York mafia families controlled all concrete operations in the city and also exercised tremendous leverage over labor unions in the construction trades. Trump was always able to get as much concrete he needed and never had any work stoppages due to issues with unions.

The conclusion reached by the documentary can best be summarized by this line from the film:

“Over the years Trump Tower became a magnet for organized crime from all over the world.”

Watch this explosive documentary for yourself:

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By Andrew Bradford

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