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WATCH: Senator Tom Cotton Has To Be Asked THREE TIMES Why He Supports Trump

Watching Republicans squirm in their seats as they attempt to say what they like about presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has become one of my new favorite hobbies. You can tell they don’t want to say anything, but if they don’t, they risk appearing to only be on Trump’s side because he just so happens to be the head of their faltering party.

The perfect example of this was on full display this morning when Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton appeared on “Meet the Press” and was asked why exactly he was supporting the Orange Menace. Cotton began by taking a cheap shot at Hillary Clinton:

“Well, I can assure you that I’m not very close to Hillary Clinton. I think she’s disqualified herself from commander-in-chief by her cavalier attitude towards our nation’s secrecy laws. And she has been responsible for many of the worst decisions of the Obama administration.”

Fair enough, but notice he didn’t actually say anything at all about Trump; didn’t even mention his name! So host Chuck Todd asked:

“What’s the case for Trump? You just did a whole speech, by the way, earlier this weekend. You didn’t even mention his name. You laid out a strong case against her. But you did not make a case for him. Make the case for him.”

Yes, please do! We have our popcorn and sodas ready, so let it rip, Tommy. Here’s what Cotton came up with:

“Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself. But Donald Trump, like most Americans, like most Republicans, believe in protecting America’s core national interests. He believes, as do I, as do most Americans, that we aren’t yet doing enough to take the fight to the Islamic State. That the intervention in Libya was ill-considered and slapdash at the time.”

Put your popcorn down, everyone. Tommy Boy refuses to play along and entertain us. So Todd made one final, futile attempt to draw the Senator out:

“You don’t come across as an enthusiastic Trump supporter. Is that fair?”

Cotton, a morose look on his face, replied:

“Maybe I don’t just demonstrate enthusiasm much in life, Chuck, especially in such dangerous times as this.”

Then again, Senator Cotton, maybe you realize your candidate is destined to lose by a gigantic margin and also cost your party control of the Senate. I’d be less than enthusiastic, too, if my candidate was jackass like Donald Trump.

Watch Sad Boy Tommy on “Meet the Press:”

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By Andrew Bradford

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