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WATCH: RNC Spokesman Gets OWNED By MSNBC Host

I have to admit I delight in watching as members of the GOP tie themselves in knots attempting to defend their nominee, Donald Trump. They have no choice but to show up for interviews, but that’s when the fun really begins, just like it did this morning on MSNBC.

RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer was talking to host Stephanie Ruhle, and Spicer began by saying that Hillary Clinton’s speech yesterday in Reno, Nevada, where she called out Trump for his ties to the alt-right was filled with lies. Ruhle asked him to say specifically what points Clinton made that were untrue. Instead, he said:

“I think the video they put out yesterday was unbelievably over-the-top, I haven’t seen anything like that in 30 years in politics.”

The video Spicer was referring to was an online ad released by the Clinton campaign showing various white supremacists saying they support Trump because he speaks to the issues that mean the most to them.

Next, Ruhle asked Spicer about Trump calling Clinton a bigot:

“He called Hillary Clinton a bigot. With all the things he could go after her for, do you agree with that? He called her a bigot.”

Rather than answer the question, Spicer said Clinton’s policies had kept black Americans in poverty, though he did manage to admit that calling Clinton a bigot “is not something I would personally say.”

Finally, Ruhle wondered:

“We haven’t seen prominent Republicans stand up and defend him. Why do you think that is?”

Spicer’s reply proves that he should never have gotten out of bed this morning:

“I don’t know. I think Congress is in recess, it’s August. There’s a lot of reasons.”

Try not to laugh so hard you hurt yourself when you watch this video:

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By Andrew Bradford

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