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WATCH: Racist Gun Store Owner Refuses To Sell To Black Man – Because He Might Be A Criminal

The NRA and their minions who say they support the right of every American to own a gun apparently have a major problem with African-Americans joining their ranks.

If you want proof, look no further than Hopkins Gun & Tackle in Richmond, Virginia. Chris King Mason, a black man, went into the store and was almost immediately refused service. As Mason wrote on Facebook, where he also posted a video of the encounter with the store owner:

“The owner of this store refused to sell me any firearms. His reason was simply and I quote ‘I will not sell you or your friend any firearms because my reason to believe is that you will sell them to someone else.’ At first, I presumed that he wasn’t serious because I am a regular customer, until he stood by his decision not to sell me anything and ask that I remove myself from the store.”

When Mason tried to reason with Hopkins, he was threatened. Hopkins said he would call the cops:

“We have to follow all federal guidelines and we’re not gonna sell you a gun. And if you don’t go ahead and leave the premises I’m gonna call the police.”

Mason then commented directly on the video he was filming with his cell phone:

“So I just walked in Hopkins Gun & Tackle and before I could say anything this man right here said he would not sell me a firearm. And his reason? What’s your reason again? You don’t need a reason?”

Here’s a bet I’m more than willing to make: I bet $100 that if Mason had been white, Hopkins would have sold him as many guns as he wanted.

In America, where green is the only color that should matter, there’s still plenty of morons who are still hung up on black and white.

Here’s the video:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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