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WATCH: MSNBC Host SHUTS DOWN Marsha Blackburn For Saying She’s ‘Curious’ About Trump

If you’ve ever seen Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn, then the chances are pretty good that you probably dislike her as much as I do. She’s shrill, brainless, hateful, and all too typical of today’s GOP.

Blackburn was on MSNBC yesterday to talk about the meeting between Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, and host Tamron Hall put the Congresswoman through the ringer when Blackburn said hadn’t yet “had a conversation with (Trump)” but she was “curious” about him since he’s a Washington outsider. To that, Hall replied:

“I’m wondering about the curiosity. There seems to have not been curiosity about the person who has been leading in the votes for a very long time. Donald Trump did not happen overnight. You have yourself, and Speaker Ryan, all trying to get to know him now.”

Blackburn tried to edit and back pedal, saying:

“I’ve known Mr. Trump for several years.”

Hall moved in for the kill, reminding Congresswoman Blackburn:

“But a few minutes ago you said you still need to get to know him and sit down and talk to him. Which is it? You’re either familiar with his policies and where he stands…”

Knowing that she was drowning, Blackburn rudely interrupted to interject:

“That is not what I said and you know that. I said that let’s give him and Speaker Ryan—they’ve had a good statement. They are going to develop these policies and it’s going to be a great campaign in the fall. Mr. Trump has wonderful people working with him. They are working very quickly. Bear in mind, he has not been in the halls of Congress. He has been out running companies.”

You still didn’t answer the question, Marsha! Tamron Hall then shut down the babbling idiot from the Volunteer State with this:

“He’s been on the campaign trail for months speaking to your base.”

The ditzy Ms. Blackburn then made like she couldn’t hear what Hall had just said, but we all know better than that. It’s a trick Trump has used more than once, and it’s almost as tired and worn as both Trump and Blackburn.

Watch the interview for yourself and see Congresswoman Blackburn look like the clueless fool she is:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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