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WATCH Megyn Kelly HUMILIATE A Trump Supporter Trying To Excuse Sexual Abuse Allegations

While it’s true that Megyn Kelly works for Fox News and is clearly a conservative, she is also a woman, and last night on her show she had enough of a guest who was attempting to excuse charges of sexual abuse that have been leveled at Donald Trump by several women.

Attorney David Wohl, who supports Trump, was discussing recent revelations with Kelly and Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky. Wohl then let loose with this ridiculous observation about Summer Zerbos, who came forward yesterday saying that Trump had groped her genitals:

“Miss Zerbos, by the way, she looked like she was reading directly from a script. Like she was reading a book.”

Kelly fired back at Wohl, asking:

“What’s wrong with that?”

Wohl replied:

“Hard to believe she has a lot of credibility when she reads from a script!”

Once more, Kelly was having none of Wohl casually dismissing Zerbos:

“Oh, c’mon, David, she was nervous.”


“Because Megyn, why doesn’t she just speak from the — Why can’t she just tell the story?”


“Because she was nervous and she wanted to get it right. The stakes are very high.”

Next, Wohl changed tactics and told Kelly said that the Donald Trump being described by his accusers is “not the man I know.”

To that assertion, Kelly completely shut down Trumpkin Wohl by reminding him:

“Generally the sexual predators don’t do it to their guy friends.”

It should also be noted that yesterday Trump changed his talking points on the issue of the accusations against him by numerous women from “it never happened” to the assertion that none of the women was attractive enough for him to pursue. But to a sexual predator, looks are secondary to power, control, and an attempt to demean the woman.

I believe the women, the victims. Trump has already proven on hundreds of occasions that he does not have an ounce of truth in him.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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