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WATCH: Lou Dobbs Screams At Stephen Miller For Making Trump ‘Fight Alone’

As big of a blowhard and jerk as Fox Business host Lou Dobbs is, what he did Monday to White House adviser Stephen Miller was actually fun to watch, if only because Miller got the dressing down he so richly deserves for being a douchebag.

Discussing the failed legal challenges to the 2020 election with Miller, Dobbs angrily declared:

“The president warns for months and months and months about mail-in ballots and the potential for fraud, and the Republicans do nothing, Stephen. Nothing. What’s wrong with the Republican party?!”

The smarmy Miller gladly agreed:

“Where is the outrage?”

That led Dobbs to go on an extended rant:

“The reality is that this president right now is fighting — and let’s be straightforward about it — he’s fighting all alone. And Ted Cruz has stepped up to say he’ll argue before the Supreme Court. Why on God’s green Earth wouldn’t the White House jump on it?”

But when Miller started to talk about state legislatures and the role they could play in overturning the will of the voters, Dobbs would have none of it, and he flat-out attacked Miller verbally:

“No, no, Stephen. I’m not going to let you do this! I’m not going to let you do that!… I asked a question. You and I, we’re reasonably smart and decent fellows. Why don’t you answer me? That’s all I’m asking here, Stephen. Why don’t you guys jump and salute Ted Cruz and say, yes, we want you on the team now? My God, this is not a time for internecine nonsense on the part of the Republican party which is watching its blood drain into the streets because they’re gutless!”

Of course, the Republicans have been gutless for the last four years, unwilling to criticize Trump when he breaks the law or acts like a dictator. But now they’re refusing to follow Donald off the cliff into the dustbin of history, and Dobbs is furious. The poor bastard is so lacking in self-awareness that he can’t even realize Trump enablers like him (and Miller) have been the problem all along and very nearly destroyed this country.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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