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WATCH Kellyanne Conway Contradict Herself And Flip-Flop On Trump’s Unproven Wiretapping Claims

Monday morning, senior Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway managed to prove yet again that the entire administration is unable or unwilling to offer anything that remotely resembles the truth.

Appearing first on Good Morning America, Conway told George Stephanopoulos that Donald Trump may have monitored or spied on in “any number of ways.”

Yet when Stephanopoulos asked if Conway if she had any proof of Trump’s claim that he had been “wiretapped,” Conway admitted:

“I have no evidence, but that’s why there’s an investigation in Congress. That’s particularly what investigations are for.”

Later, Conway was on CNN, where Chris Cuomo told Conway the illegitimate president could easily determine if he had been under surveillance by the Obama administration and release that information to the public, bolstering his claims:

“He could answer it himself. He could declassify what’s out himself immediately. Nobody has more power than the president.”

Conway attempted to place the blame on FBI Director James Comey, but Cuomo was ready for that tactic, telling her:

“Why would he make a statement, well, first of all he’s going to testify at the hearing. But why would he testify about something that isn’t happening?”

Next, Conway tried to cloud the issue by shifting the debate to leaks:

“You realize what the crux of all this is, right? I hope you as an American are very concerned, as we all are, about the leaks coming from the intelligence and security community somewhere.”

To that, Cuomo reminded Conway that disgraced National Security Adviser Michael Flynn wasn’t wiretapped and that charges of wiretapping are totally separate from complaints about leaking:

“He said, ‘I was wiretapped by President Obama.’ Accusing a former president of a felony, and he called him bad or sick. He has no proof to support calling President Obama, a man who he says he likes, bad or sick. what about that?”

Sensing that she could not bullshit Cuomo and get away with it, Conway said she’d let the president speak for himself.

Can you see what’s going on here? Everyone in Trumpland realizes he lied when he sent out the wiretapping tweets. But they don’t dare contradict him in public or he will get rid of them. So they have to attempt to defend an indefensible conspiracy theory and keep up with all of the supporting lies which surround it.

As many of us heard from our parents when were children, Tell the truth; it’s so much easier to remember.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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