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WATCH Katrina Pierson Say Slavery Proves That America Is ‘Special’

Few people in this world are more ignorant of basic American history than Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson, who said on Fox News Monday morning that slavery proves how “special and wonderful” the United States is.

As part of a discussion of whether or not Confederate statues should be removed, Pierson said they shouldn’t because they’re an important part of the nation’s history. And then Pierson completely jumped the shark and remarked:

It absolutely deserves a place, because bad history is still good history for this country.”

A gobsmacked Wendy Osefo, who was also a guest, asked Pierson:

“Slavery is good history?”


“Considering where we are today… absolutely. Think about this for a second. Where would we be today if not for that Civil War?”

Osefo again asked:

“Where would we be without slavery? Are you serious? Do you hear what you’re saying?”

The perpetually dense Pierson replied:

“How would our children even know how special and how wonderful this country is that we can even be having this discussion today?”

To that, Osefo could only comment:“How special slavery is? You know how many people died?”

Since Ms. Pierson is so fond of historical revision, here’s some things she neglected to comprehend:

  • Had slavery never been instituted in this country, there’s a chance she wouldn’t be here now.
  • If we’d never had a Civil War, perhaps the United States would be more unified than it is at the moment.
  • This is indeed a special and wonderful country, but if we pretend our history doesn’t include oppression and hatred, and that those conditions still exist, we may be doomed to repeat the horrors of the past.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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