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WATCH Katie Porter Shut Down A GOP Witness At A Hearing On Guns

California Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter masterfully handled a witness testifying for Republicans on the issue of gun control, making it clear that she wasn’t about to be steamrolled and lied to.

Amy Swearer of the right-wing Heritage Foundation was appearing before the House Oversight Committee, and she immediately suggested Porter had incorrectly accused her of perjury regarding legislation on assault weapons:

“Would you like the explanation?” Swearer asked Porter, to which the congresswoman replied:

“I have not yielded, Ms. Swearer.”

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) squawked that Swearer had not been allowed to answer, but he was promptly ruled out of order by the committee chair.

Swearer then got even angrier:

“I have been accused of falsely testifying under oath and I would like to address it!”


“Earlier today, you testified you hope this is the last time you have to testify before this Congress. For the sake of our nation and the integrity of this Congress, I do too.”

The witness responded:

“I said after a mass shooting. Trying to figure out how to solve a problem that we are heavily invested in solving.

“How dare you.”

Once again, Porter had the perfect comeback:

“Reclaiming my time. How dare you misstate the law.”

Seething, Swearen hissed:

“How dare you ask questions that you do not even want the answer to.”

Rather than let Swearen continue, Porter told her:

“Ms. Swearer, I’m moving on.”


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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