WATCH: Julian Assange Says Wikileaks Is Working On Hacking Trump’s Tax Returns

Perhaps Donald Trump thought he had an ally in Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Assange’s group has dumped thousands of emails related to the inside operations of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in recent weeks, and those releases led directly to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as head of the DNC.

Last night, Assange appeared on “Real Time” with Bill Maher via satellite and was asked:

“Why don’t you hack into Donald Trump’s tax returns?”

Assange’s reply must have sent a wave of fear through the Republican Party. He told Maher:

“We’re working on it.”

Maher also went on to say that while he thinks Wikileaks has done good work and provides information the public needs to know, he did have one complaint:

“Why haven’t we seen anything hacked from the Trump campaign? Obviously we know these came from Russia. And we also know that you do not like Hillary Clinton at all, as does not Vladimir Putin. It looks like you are working with a bad actor, Russia, to put your thumb on the scale and basically f*ck with the one person who stands in the way of us being ruled by Donald Trump.”

Assange did not directly answer that query from Maher, which makes you wonder if perhaps Assange is being controlled by Putin and Russian intelligence to try and steer the 2016 Presidential election in favor of Trump. Trump has repeatedly said that he wishes the United States could “get along” with Russia and the two nations would team up to defeat ISIS. Apparently Trump didn’t get the foreign policy briefing that would have shown how Russia and Putin have assassinated political rivals, killed journalists, and invaded their neighbors as way of reasserting Russian dominance in the region.

One final piece of information was also revealed by Assange: He said he thinks National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden is working to assure a pardon in the last days of the Obama Administration:

“I know Edward is trying to get a pardon at the end of the Obama presidency. He’s playing that game, I understand.”

Here’s the interview with Assange:

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By Andrew Bradford

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