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WATCH: Fact Checking Leaves Trump Supporter SPEECHLESS!

Earlier today on CNN, we got a perfect example of that when Trump acolyte and CNN analyst Kayleigh McEnany was shut down and left speechless by fellow contributor Maria Cardona.

The debate began when CNN host Alisyn Camerota reminded McEnany of what Trump has said in recent weeks as he’s flip-flopped on the immigration issue:

“He meant deporting all of them. Does that stand this week?”

McEnany replied:

“He’s setting priorities. That may be the last priority. But his priorities are those that reflect the voters he’s speaking to. And the president, after all, should reflect voters.”

Cardona interjected that Trump’s calls for “humane” deportation is just a “clueless” policy, adding:

“What does that mean? That there will be cushions on the buses and they’ll get milk and cookies on the way to the border. Who knows?

“He supposedly talked about softening his stance, which we now see is not really softening his stance. He’s going back to his priority of deporting all of the 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants. But who knows how he’s going to do that.”

Then Cardona spoke both reality and truth when she noted that Trump “has no idea how existing immigration law works.”

McEnany, unable to respond to that assertion, started in by saying that the Obama Administration released:

“20,000 criminals, 200 of which have murder convictions, 800 of which had sexual offenses.”

But Cardona was ready for this line of rhetoric and fired back:

“Kayleigh continues to bring up this figure. The fact of the matter is that under both George W. Bush administration and the Obama administration, there are some convicted criminals who have been released.

“But guess why? It is because many of them — most of them, in fact — have actually served their sentence here in the U.S. jails. In addition, many others have been granted release by immigration judges and immigration courts. Additionally, there are various countries — China, Cuba, Vietnam — who don’t accept deportation, who don’t accept removals back to their own home country.

“So again, cluelessness when it comes to real immigration law, what we are really facing in terms of the solutions that are needed.”

Not only was McEnany unable to respond, she just sat there and began blinking uncontrollably. She wasn’t just a deer caught in headlights, she was a Trump fan who had just been caught lying and she knew she had no comeback.

Watch for yourself. It’s hilarious!

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By Andrew Bradford

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