WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Slaps Down Trump In Campaign Appearance With Hillary Clinton

Appearing with presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at a rally in Ohio today, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren wasted no time going after Donald Trump, telling the crowd gathered to hear Clinton that while Trump had called her “Goofy Elizabeth Warren,” she had a retort to his name-calling:

“You want to see goofy, look at him in that hat.”


Yes, she does indeed have a point.

Warren also chided Trump for saying while in Scotland that he’s a “man of the people,” remarking:

“When Donald Trump says ‘great,’ I say, ‘Great for who, exactly?’ For families that don’t fly to Scotland to play golf?When he says ‘Make America Great’ he means make it great for rich guys just like Donald Trump…Watch out, because he will crush you into the dirt to get what he wants.”

Senator Warren also had words of praise for Clinton, whom she may be running with on the Democratic ticket very soon. Warren said of Clinton:

“She knows you beat a bully not by tucking your tail and running, but by standing your ground and fighting back. She doesn’t whine, she doesn’t run to Twitter to call her opponents ‘fat pigs’ or ‘dummies.’ Hillary has brains, she has guts, she has a thick skin.”

Even if Senator Warren doesn’t wind up as the selection to be Clinton’s running mate, you can bet she will be out on the campaign trail taking the fight to Donald Trump on a regular basis. He may insist on calling her “Pocahontas,” but she has more than a few derogatory names for him, too.

Here’s Warren in Ohio this morning:

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