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WATCH Chris Wallace School The ‘Fox & Friends’ Airheads Who Call Russiagate ‘A Nothingburger’

Fox News will always serve one purpose and one purpose only: To disseminate the lies and propaganda for the Republican Party and the White House when a Republican is president. Other than that, they’re about as valuable as a three-legged chair.

On the always intellectually challenged Fox morning show Fox & Friends on Sunday, the hosts were doing a promo for Fox News Sunday, which airs immediately after their snoozefest. Host Clayton Morris declared “the Russia story imploded this week” because former FBI Director James Comey failed to provide details about possible collusion between Trump and Russia when he testified on Thursday.

But Wallace provided a badly needed reality check for his colleagues, saying that while there may not be any “hard evidence of collusion so far,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify this week about a third contact he had with the Russian ambassador which he conveniently forgot to mention during his confirmation hearing. Also, there’s still the investigations by both the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Co-host Pete Hegseth tried to minimize what Wallace had just said by asserting:

“Little evidence has been shown that there’s collusion with Russia. Now we know that Comey was a leaker, potentially multiple times. Can the investigation move in those directions instead of the Russia investigation, which is proven to be pretty much a nothingburger?”

Wallace, who is actually a journalist, put Hegseth in his place by telling him:

“I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a nothingburger. We have to see where it goes. Among other things, we still haven’t heard from Michael Flynn. And he’s one of the key figures in all of this. He was the one who had the most contacts Russia. He’s the one who got paid by Russia.”

Oh how Fox News and the White House would love for Russia to just go away! But it’s not going to. Matter of fact, expect it to get much worse for Trump in the days ahead.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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