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WATCH As Joy Reid LAYS THE WOOD To Trumpkin Claiming Trump Campaign Isn’t Racist

Even though their candidate has run the most blatantly racist campaign for the White House since the days of George Wallace, those who support Donald Trump cannot admit that their candidate is engaging in an attempt to divide and conquer the country.

Yesterday on AMJoy, Trump acolyte Steve Cortes had the gall to tell host Joy Reid:

“I would remind you that Donald Trump, particularly compared to past Republican presidential candidates, is running an incredibly non-racist campaign. He’s gone into the barrio and he is going into the inner-city and you can laugh, but we are appealing directly to people of color.”

But Reid was more than ready for that line of bullcrap, and she fired back at Cortes with this:

“What you seem to be saying, is that it is okay to laugh at this idea of people who are outright racists who are part of the coalition of Donald Trump. You seem to be saying, we don’t care, we want to ridicule the idea that this is bad, and we don’t care if it grows our coalition. 

“Why is it that Donald Trump is the most disliked and despised Republican candidate among people of color that we have had, probably in a generation?”

Cortes then reached into his big bag of lies and made this insane claim:

“That’s not true. He’s polling right about where Romney was.”

Once more, Reid used facts to shut Cortes down:

“No. No. No he’s not.”

Panelist Touré  finished off Cortes by telling him:

“People who say that racism is not central to this campaign: let me explain this to you. This is a campaign that started with birtherism, continues with the wall, we’re going to ban all Muslims and we’re at war economically with the Chinese. Is there any person of color who the campaign is not at war with? I can’t find one!”

Donald Trump and the vast majority of his supporters are racist, xenophobic assholes who are only too happy to try and win an election by stirring up hatred and spite. But when you call them out, they resort to lies and pretend to be unaware of what you’re referring to. This only makes them doubly disgusting.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “WATCH As Joy Reid LAYS THE WOOD To Trumpkin Claiming Trump Campaign Isn’t Racist”

Whenever Donald Trump mentions helping Hispanics or African-Americans, you can hear the sarcasm in his voice. Not caring or worry about their future, sarcasm. He is as fake as his orange coloring. He doesn’t care about any of the Americans no matter what color they are, he cares only about himself and what he can get out of everything. He’s a pathetic liar and racist and totally unqualified to run this country.

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