WATCH As Chris Cuomo Tells Rudy Giuliani: You Live In Fact-Free ‘Trumpland’

There was a battle royale this morning on CNN, and when it was over with, host Chris Cuomo made sure Rudy Giuliani was reduced to rubble.

The interview began with Cuomo telling the former New York City mayor that he didn’t smile very much at last week’s Al Smith charity dinner when Hillary Clinton took a few comedic jabs at him:

“You looked like Grumpy Cat.”

Sullen and sour, Giuliani said Clinton should be in prison and wearing an orange jumpsuit. But when Rudy began trying to filibuster, Cuomo interrupted him and said he while he might not agree with the decision the FBI made to not charge Clinton with any wrongdoing when it came to her email server, Giuliani wasn’t entitled to make things up:

Next, Giuliani began ranting about some “bribe” that predated the email controversy, and that was when Cuomo shut him down with one line:

“My entire life because you’re so accurate and all of a sudden, you’re in Trumpland and the facts are all over the place.”

As if he hadn’t been embarrassed enough, Giuliani then attempted to start talking about the recent announcement that Obamacare premiums will rise by as much as 25 percent in 2017:

“As a result, because the Democrats forced this down the Republicans’ throat, the ACA, they decided to punish them. And they won’t work with the Democrats to fix any of the problems that they could fix.”

Cuomo was ready for that line, too, and again lit into his guest:

“Oh, that’s a bunch of nonsense. They created it themselves. They cut out bipartisan support.”

When it was over with, you could tell by the look on Rudy’s face that he knew he had just been bested. Maybe Trump should rethink letting the unhinged Giuliani be one of his main surrogates. He really stinks at it.

Here’s both parts of the interview:

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By Andrew Bradford

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