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WATCH As An MSNBC Host UTTERLY DESTROYS A Trump Supporter, Then Leaves Her Squirming

It’s so frustrating to watch those who support Donald Trump when they appear on television. They attempt to change the subject when a tough question is asked, they try to spin bad news, and of course they just flat-out lie, exactly the same as the Orange Menace himself.

Today on MSNBC, Tamron Hall was interviewing A.J. Delgado, who may well be one of the most annoying and whiny people to ever show her face on cable news. Hall asked Delgado why Trump still refuses to release his tax returns. Delgado fell back on the old Trump talking point: He can’t because he’s being audited. But then Hall reminded Delgado:

“Yes, you can. There’s nothing that prevents you.”

Next, Delgado attempted to change the subject:

“Why is it you want them released? I think the bigger issue is Hillary Clinton’s medical records.”

But Hall was not about to let Delgado get away with that tactic, telling her:

“We don’t know where he’s invested his money. There was a New York Times report about ties to Chinese banks, potential investments in Russia. We need to know more about this presidential candidate. Why not release that information?”

Next, the MSNBC host attempted to ask about another scandal that has been dogging Trump: His illegal campaign contribution to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi shortly after she dropped her investigation of Trump University. Hall rightly noted that Trump’s actions gave the appearance of wrongdoing:

“It sounds like a situation of pay-for-play.”

Delgado responded:

“Pam Bondi asked for that donation before she even knew that some complaints had come into her office, hundreds of complaints.”

Facts can be cantankerous things when a person is being a hypocrite, so Hall put this in Delgado’s face:

“He would say that there’s no way Hillary Clinton had this conversation and that this lawsuit did not come up. Remember all the suspicions regarding [Attorney General Loretta Lynch] and Bill Clinton on the plane? Donald Trump would not accept that as answer.”

Once again, Delgado tried to change the discussion to the Clinton Foundation, but Hall destroyed her with this rejoinder:

“We’re going to talk about his immigration comments. I fully realize that you’ve come locked and loaded but what we’re going to do is we’re going to talk about what your candidate is now saying on the campaign trail 62 days out.”

So perhaps Ms. Delgado can tell all of us: How does it feel to be made the fool of on national TV? Because you just got served, lady!

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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