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WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY A Trump Supporter For Defending The Lawless POTUS

While many Republicans are refusing to criticize Donald Trump for the dismissal of FBI Director James Comey and his shifting explanations for why he fired Comey, GOP strategist and CNN analyst Ana Navarro said Friday that she’s sick and tired of how some members of the Republican Party are enabling Trump’s lawless actions.

Appearing along with Trump defender Paris Dennard, Navarro commented:

“I think Republicans have been asleep. I think they need to remember — particularly elected Republicans — that their duty and their loyalty is to this country, it’s to America and the Constitution,” not to the country’s chief executive.

“I’m very troubled by the escalation of Donald Trump’s behavior, of President Trump’s tweets.

“Republicans cannot continue looking the other way and enabling this. History’s going to judge them oh, so harshly.”

Dennard, who would defend Trump if the illegitimate head of state walked into his house and took a dump on his sofa, disagreed with Navarro:

“I think Ana’s 100 percent wrong. [Republicans are] “unanimously excited, optimistic and focused, celebrating our victories and focused on 2018…we’re not asleep. We’re wide awake.”

When Navarro attempted to reply to a question later in the debate, Dennard kept talking over her. Navarro finally had enough of his rude behavior and slammed him by saying:

“Okay, you’ve said your piece. It’s now my time. What am I going to say to somebody that refuses to hear what’s going on around the country? Do you think that Donald Trump’s approval ratings are at 36 percent because people are not bothered by this? Do you think the credibility of the president is where it is and of the presidency because people are not bothered by this? Have you stepped outside the beltway?

“People are very worried and so many Americans feel that this government is in crisis, that this president thinks he is above the law. And Republicans need to send a clear message that that is not the case.”

I don’t say this about many Republicans, but I have to admit Ana Navarro is one member of the GOP I almost always agree with, especially when she’s ripping into the wannabe tinpot dictator who current resides in the White House. Good for you, Ana!


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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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