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WATCH: ABC Host Slams Roy Moore Strategist For Calling Accusers Liars

A campaign official who works for GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore tried to assert that Moore’s accusers are all lying and got a firm slapdown from ABC News host Martha Raddatz Sunday on This Week.

Dean Young said the accusations against Moore don’t stand up to scrutiny:

“Their stories are falling apart. Accuser Beverly Young Nelson] told you one thing weeks ago and now — two days ago — she’s coming out with attorney Gloria Allred’s circus and saying, ‘Well you know, Judge Moore didn’t write all this [in her yearbook]’”

Raddatz retorted:

“You are talking about Beverly Young Nelson who alleges Moore groped her and bruised her next in the late 1970s when she was 16 years old. And as evidence of knowing him, she has been showing an inscription Moore made in her high school yearbook before the alleged assault.

“Does that mean the rest of it is a forgery?”

Rather than reply, Young again called the women accusing Moore liars:

“Well, let’s just put it this way. Somebody is not telling the truth and it’s not Judge Moore. Everybody in Alabama has known that Judge Moore has been telling the truth the whole time. And this is absolutely proof that this woman went on TV — national TV with Gloria Allred of all people, somebody from California trying to influence the elections in Alabama — went on TV and told the whole world that Judge Moore wrote all that and now she’s coming back three days before the election and saying, ‘I’m wrong. He didn’t write all of that.’”

Later in the interview, Raddatz inquired:

“Do you think these women all just made it up? Women in the Washington Post story didn’t even know each other.”

Clearly defensive, Young replied:

“I’m not sure why they did it. I don’t believe them and the people of Alabama don’t believe them. But I guess, you know, one of them was in Time magazine, one of them was on your show on Friday. Everybody wants to be on TV. Maybe that’s the reason.”

Raddatz then laid the atomic bomb of truth on Young, telling him:

“That yearbook, they have said that’s evidence. And 30 other people backed up those eight women in the Washington Post story.”

Watch the interview:

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By Andrew Bradford

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