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WATCH A Trump Surrogate Lie, Get Called Out, Then CRASH AND BURN On CNN

It’s no exaggeration to say that those who support Donald Trump and appear on television on his behalf are not exactly the sharpest knives in the drawer. And last night on CNN we got undeniable proof of that.

Don Lemon had several guests on to discuss the virulent strain of racism which has characterized the Trump campaign from the beginning, and Trump surrogate Gina Loudon attempted to use the two Ds–denial and deception–as a way of defending the Orange Menace.

Panelist Symone Sanders carefully laid out instances of Trump being an unrepentant racist:

“Words matter. Donald Trump is running for president of the United States, okay? So, his words are extremely important because as president, your words — I mean we can talk about the fact he’s discriminated against African-Americans, Latinos in this country, Muslims –”

Amazingly, Loudon interjected:

“He has when?

Bakari Sellers, who was also on the panel, informed Loudon:

“Gina was asking one simple questions about actions, and Donald Trump’s actions, and when has he discriminated so I decided we can recite a few of his actions. We can go to his housing discrimination lawsuits, in which he had to settle not one, but two, because he literally marked ‘C’ on applications for ‘colored.’ We can go to the Central Park Five in which he took ads out for these five people –”

Yet again, Loudon resorted to outright lying:

“Donald Trump had nothing do with that!”

Host Don Lemon felt compelled to step in and ask Loudon:

“Wait, wait wait. You said Donald Trump had nothing do for taking out ads on the Central Park Five?”

To that, Loudon replied:

“Donald Trump himself. It was not Donald Trump himself.”

Lemon later showed Loudon a copy of the ad which ran in the New York Times which was clearly signed by Donald Trump. Loudon said nothing about the ad.

Then Bakari Sellers pointed out that Trump had mocked a reporter with a disability, and once again Loudon denied the accusation:

“He did not do that.”

Taking another approach, Sellers then told the utterly clueless Loudon:

“You wanted to list the number of black people who have senior positions on Donald Trump’s campaign? You named Katrina Pierson. I bet you can’t name two.”

Loudon flailed around and finally remarked:

“I could go on all day — Omorosa. I mean I could go on all day. I’m not going to play into your little tester –”

The entire panel burst into laughter and finally Lemon said:

“Stop. Stop it y’alls. People in the studio are even laughing.”

Like most Trumpkins, Gina Loudon is nothing but a brainless moron who would follow her hero off a cliff if he asked her to. Pathetic is not a strong enough word for these dillholes.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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