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WATCH A Mother Tell Fox News Her Son Won’t Do Chores Because Of Critical Race Theory

Believe it or not, Fox News is now allowing people on its network who are claiming that critical race theory is ruining their families, even though the topic isn’t taught in any public school district that anyone has been able to identify.

According to Salon, Fox host Jesse Watters featured a woman who said her 13-year-old biracial son will no longer do chores around the house after his school taught him about critical race theory because he began “seeing himself just as a Black man.”

Melissa Riley of Charlottesville, Virginia, is now suing the Albemarle School District, explaining:

“We didn’t have issues before. He is in eighth grade. He’s seeing himself just as a Black man. He’s seeing things that don’t go his way as racism. And he is finding safety in numbers now.”

Riley added:

“I asked him to clean the house, [he said] ‘racism.'”

Watters interjected to ask:

“You are kidding, right? Or are you serious?”

The woman replied:

“No. I’m serious. They have totally changed his perspective. They have put him in a box.”

Riley also claimed that the school district told her son he could serve as a “Black spokesman for the Black community.”

“When I told them I didn’t think that that would be appropriate. They told me that if he was uncomfortable with the conversations, he and other children of color could go to a safe place during these conversations.”

In case you’re wondering, the lawsuit is being brought by a right-wing group that sees danger around every corner:

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative legal group, (is) arguing that the school district’s anti-racist program contravenes the state constitution’s equal protection and free-speech clauses. That suit, submitted in December, was struck down just last month by a judge who reportedly found that there was “nothing inherently evil or wrong” about what the district was teaching. 

Since when is it wrong to teach students about American history? Black Americans have been treated like property, beaten, lynched, and discriminated against since the founding of this country. Why would we want to keep that information from any person?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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