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WATCH A Group Of Trumpkins Try To Explain Why They Hate ‘Fake News’

Anytime there’s a negative report or poll regarding President Trump or the Trump administration, Trump always cries “fake news!” instead of attempting to counter such information with facts. It’s a well-established pattern and is used so frequently that it’s now become a punch line.

So how are we to understand why so many of the president’s most ardent supporters also think that anything critical of their political hero is also fake? The Detroit News recently attempted to find out by attending a gathering of about 90 Republicans at a diner in White Lake, Michigan. What they found is proof that the average Trump acolyte is not exactly informed or objective.

Firefighter Tim Rugg commented:

“It seems to be a one-sided story all the time. With President Trump, they’re continually beating, pounding. It’s just seems like they’re working for someone to try to undo what we wanted for America.”

And what exactly is Rugg’s definition of fake news? He explained:

“Yellow journalism, but we’re calling it fake news just to keep it simple for everybody. I honestly think there’s a silent coup going on to remove President Trump from office.”

Trump supporter John Brewster had this to say:

“I watch a lot of the news outlets and all that, and they actually almost try to answer your questions for you, they try to tell you how you think. I think it is a swamp — or a sewer, as he called it — and that’s on, I hate to say it, that’s on the Republicans and the Democratic side. I know I’m supposed to be 100 (percent) rah-rah-rah Republican, but I feel like he’s not getting help from both sides because he is actually trying to clean it up in there. I feel like he speaks for us.”

Rosanne Ponkowski said Trump has been incredibly successful in six months time, though she offered no evidence:

“If you look what he’s accomplished in the short time he’s been in office, it’s incredible.”

Another Trump voter, Polly Kingsley said the media coverage validates why cast her ballot for him:

“Under the extraordinary and historical attacks and sabotage to take this president down, I think he’s doing great. I can’t imagine anybody else facing this kind of pressure and still accomplishing what he’s accomplishing.”

Apparently Ms. Kingsley was in a coma of living in a cave for the eight years of the Obama administration, when attacks, sabotage, and blatant racism from the GOP and right-wing media were an everyday occurrence.

Here’s some of those Trump supporters in Michigan:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “WATCH A Group Of Trumpkins Try To Explain Why They Hate ‘Fake News’”

As someone who lives in Michigan, I can truthfully say that we have no shortage of idiots. It never fails to amaze me how his supporters will quote Fox News, Breitbart and even ( gag ) Alex Jones as real news sources. I am becoming as ashamed of my state as I am of our whole country.

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