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WATCH A GOP Senator Get Defensive When Asked About Donald Trump: ‘We’re Not A Cult!’

Republicans who have defended disgraced former president Donald Trump for six years no matter what disgusting thing he says or does are getting quite testy when asked about him being the leader of their party, and that alone suggests that some in the GOP are ready to flush Trump down the proverbial political crapper before he completely destroys what’s left of their party.

Many in the GOP are placing blame for their poor showing in the midterm election on the candidates Trump handpicked or endorsed, all of whom underperformed, leaving the Senate in Democratic hands and making it unclear if Republicans will even have a majority in the House once all the ballots are counted.

During an appearance on “Meet the Press” Sunday, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) was asked by host Chuck Todd if continuing to support some GOP leaders — i.e. Trump — would “create a problem for Republicans going forward.”

Cassidy, who seemed to take personal umbrage at the query, replied:

“First, we’re not a cult. We’re not like, ‘Okay, there’s one person who leads our party.’ We are not going to have one person anointed unless she or he happens to be a sitting president. We should have a set of principles and ideas and legislative accomplishments that is our lodestar, if you will. That’s where we need to go.”

Would Sen. Cassidy support Trump if he seeks the GOP nomination in 2024? Again, Cassidy seemed irritated by being asked the question:

“Who is our next nominee will sort itself out. I think our next candidate will be looking to the future, not to the past, and I think our next candidate will win. And so I anticipate supporting a candidate who’s looking to the future.”

Right, but would Cassidy support Trump specifically? Todd pressed.

“I will say we should be a party of ideas and principles. I welcome that. And I think our next candidate will similarly embody that perspective.”

Translation: Yes, the GOP is now a cult and Donald Trump is our cult leader. But saying that aloud creeps people out and irritates Donnie to no end, so we’re going to keep denying it.

Keep drinking that Kool-Aid, Sen. Cassidy!

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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