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WATCH A GOP Congressman Say James Comey’s Testimony Should Be About Hillary’s Emails

As the entire country awaits testimony from former FBI Director on Thursday–which could well spell the beginning of the end for President Trump–a Republican member of Congress went on CNN Wednesday morning and said he thinks Comey should be asked about Hillary’s emails.

Francis Rooney (R-FL), told CNN host Alisyn Camerota that he’s hopeful the Senate Intelligence Committee will explore Clinton’s emails and the meeting former President Bill Clinton had with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch while Mrs. Clinton was under investigation by the FBI:

“I hope they get into Hillary Clinton and the whole thing about Loretta Lynch meeting on the airplane, and all that. That’s the big story here.”

Completely taken aback by the absurdity of what Rooney had just said, Camerota exclaimed:

“It is?”

The clueless Rooney replied:

“It is to me! This guy’s been playing games ever since the campaign.”

Camerota reminded the delusional congressman:

“But the campaign is over. And now President Trump is in the White House. And now the question is whether or not President Trump pressed him to back off the Michael Flynn investigation.”


“Well, we’ll let everybody get all the words out. There’s been a lot of innuendo and vague statements and second-guessing of statements, like what you said on your show.”

Here’s a translation of what Congressman Rooney just said: Nothing to see here regarding Trump! No need to investigate the traitor who sold his microscopic soul to Vladimir Putin in exchange for money and power. Instead, let’s talk about Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that’s a much better topic.

Dear Republicans: Each of you who are making excuses for Donald Trump will have to face the voters in 2018. Your names will be on a list of those who need to be replaced. And then a verdict will be handed down by your constituents. Many of you should go ahead and start packing up your shit now, because you won’t be staying much longer.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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