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WATCH A GOP Congressman Get Booed Off The Stage At A Town Hall Meeting

These are tough times for Republicans when they return home to face their constituents. There’s a lot of very unhappy people who aren’t afraid of showing up at town hall meetings and letting their elected representative know how they feel.

California GOP Congressman Doug LaMalfa found that out Monday evening at a town hall in Oroville. Oroville was in the national news earlier this year when a dam spillway broke apart after storms brought heavy rain to the town. The area eventually had to be evacuated because authorities were fearful the total collapse of the dam would flood the area. A recent report on the incident determined that the design, construction, and maintenance of the dam directly caused the failure. A retired engineer who worked on the dam even remarked that it had been “an accident waiting to happen.”

Residents demanded to know why nothing was done sooner to shore up the spillway and prevent the incident. To that, LaMalfa replied:

“Had we not had the main spillway problem, we wouldn’t even be talking about the emergency spillway. So yeah, something should have been done to have the concrete anchored below.”

The crowd cut LaMalfa short with boos and shouts. That’s when he made a big mistake and decided to provoke his own constituents, asking:

“Do you yell at church?”

A person in the crowd yelled back at LaMalfa:

“Do you lie in church?”

Later, when the topic turned to healthcare, LaMalfa attempted to show a PowerPoint presentation, but was repeatedly shouted at and booed. LaMalfa finally gave up and walked off the stage.

Oroville resident Denise Culley said afterwards:

“He really didn’t care what everyone thought. He had a closed mind.”

If these town halls are any indication of what may happen when the 2018 midterm elections roll around, the GOP is in very big trouble.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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