Fox News Lies WTF?!

WATCH A Fox News Host Call Democrats ‘Anti-American’ And The ‘Party Of Hate And Destruction’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is a hateful and willfully ignorant nutjob who should have been purged from the network a long time ago. And she proved that again Friday during an appearance on Fox & Friends to discuss recent political developments. When the topic turned to the recent special election in Georgia, Pirro said the outcome of that race–with Republican Karen Handel narrowly defeating Democrat Jon Ossoff–had given her hope that “Americans are normal.” And she added:

“I was starting to worry that with everyone yelling crazy stuff about the president, and blowing up the white house, all that stuff. I said, you know what, I wonder if America is the same as it was when I was growing up? And this sort of reaffirms my faith in the American electorate.”

I guess Pirro has conveniently forgotten all the times people on the right made death threats against President Obama during his eight years in office. Pirro has also neglected to mention that she once said anyone under FBI investigation (she was referring to Hillary Clinton) was not suitable to be president. Apparently when the person being investigated is alleged sexual assaulter and possible traitor Donald Trump, Pirro is only to happy to bend her arbitrary ethical standards.

When the topic turned to possible turmoil in the Democratic Party and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Pirro declared:

“They don’t have a message. The only message is a message of hate. The Democratic party is a party of hate and destruction.”

A party of hate and destruction? Hmm…project much, Jeanine? Let’s not forget that the Republicans have embraced all kinds of hate groups–the so-called alt-right, the KKK, and various neo-Nazi factions–as they’ve given a big bearhug to Donald Trump.

Finally, Pirro had this bit of rhetoric to share with the brainless Fox viewers:

“And I think it’s anti-America, I really do. I’m sorry, when you talk about, you know, killing the president and doing this stuff that they have been doing, it’s disgusting!”

Remember how Republicans said they were gonna tamp down the harsh words and be more civil after House Minority Whip Steve Scalise was shot? Apparently Jerkweed Jeanine didn’t get that memo.

Here’s Pirro on Fox & Friends. The segment with her begins at about the 3:10 mark:

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By Andrew Bradford

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